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12/17/98 – 7/23/14

By Penny Larson

"Ryan" nearly didn’t survive his first few hours, and he suffered from tonsillitis for the first year of his life, but it never dampened his love of life. The wonderful thing about him was he took on each and every challenge with such joy and enthusiasm. As long as we were doing it together, he was willing. In agility, he was fast and barking and was known as the dog who crouched down really low driving through weavepoles and then spun at the last jump (looking for me as I was trying to catch up). Obedience and rally came easily, and a friend took him into the herding arena because “a herding dog should have a herding title.” It was tracking that gave us the biggest challenge and, therefore, the greatest joy when he found the final glove after nearly 900 yards for his TDX.

Ryan wasn’t thrilled about being retired, so he would tease the other dogs into chasing and playing with him. Everyone ran out for the Frisbee, but it was Ryan who stole it from whoever picked it up and brought it back to be thrown again. He was out in the yard playing with the others until just a week before he left us.

Ryan was my first real multi-talented performance dog. His sweet disposition, white blaze and little white eyebrows are forever etched on my heart. He left big pawprints for the others to follow.

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