Report Date: 02/19/2014

Research Pedigree - 4 Generation
Savitar Some One's Heart

Name: Savitar Some One's Heart
AKC #: DN332227/03 Breed/Variety: Shetland Sheepdog
Birth Date: 03/27/2012 Sex: Male
Colors/Markings: Sable & White
Breeder(s): Sandra Garner

Savitar Some One's Heart
Sable & White
GCH CH Dan Dee One From The Heart
DN094157/01 02-07
Sable & White
OFA24G AKC DNA #V386446
CH Hill View's Patriot Games
DL883609/02 02-03
Sable & White
OFA24E AKC DNA #V232437
CH Jade Mist Memorandum
DL723486/01 08-99
Sable & White
OFA30G AKC DNA #V90411
CH Legends Scenario
DL440131/01 01-94
Sable & White
OFA24G AKC DNA #V72009
CH Jade Mist Play Me A Memory
DL466490/01 09-94
Sable & White
Hill View's Kari My Dream
DL747099/02 03-01
Sable & White
CH Royl Marchwind Flash Gordon CD
DL653640/02 09-97
Sable & White
OFA36G AKC DNA #V118164
Tararose's Sonata
DL580905/01 09-97
Sable & White
Dan Dee Country Memory
DL882151/02 08-04
Sable & White
CH Hannalore Homerun
DL750539/01 10-00
Sable & White
OFA24G AKC DNA #V133390
CH Arenray's Reminisce
DL525446/01 07-96
Sable & White
OFA25G AKC DNA #V62333
Hannalore Ad Lib
DL672911/02 10-98
Sable & White
Dan Dee Tara Hill Country Charm
DL782855/01 02-01
Sable & White
CH Trevanne's Cashe
DL751667/01 03-99 (Canada)
Sable & White
CH Dan Dee Country Music
DL442899/01 09-95
Sable & White
Bluvalley Some Kind Of Wonderful
DN250113/06 07-12
Sable & White
CH Willow Cove's Wild Card
DL729500/01 06-99
Sable & White
OFA28G AKC DNA #V110007
CH Jade Mist Beyond Tradition
D856771 09-90
Sable & White
OFA43G AKC DNA #V90416
CH Glademist Dueling Banjos
D418007 10-87
Black White & Tan
Jade Mist Social Climber
D496721 07-89
Sable & White
Willow Cove's Revelation
DL625214/02 06-97
Sable & White
CH Daval Resolute
DL381874/04 01-93
Sable & White
OFA28G AKC DNA #V31158
CH Willow Cove's Outrageous
DL489932/03 06-96
Black White & Tan
CH Ozark Crest It's All About Me
DN170511/01 09-09
Sable & White
GCH CH Kylene Eden The Dragonslayer
DN039577/01 01-05
Sable & White
OFA24E AKC DNA #V322883
CH Halstor Cindahope Trueheart
DL842748/02 02-03
Sable & White
OFA33G AKC DNA #V240038
CH Eden Lakesides's Advantage
DL842406/02 01-03
Sable & White
OFA39G AKC DNA #V402049
Ozark Crest Miss Congeniality
DN071232/02 05-06
Sable & White
CH Macdega Fire Island
DL872988/03 09-04
Sable & White
OFA25E AKC DNA #V345167
Ozark Crest After All
DL708821/01 08-01
Sable & White

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