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October 25, 2019
Warsaw, VA

Breed Judge: Amy Massey

Best of Breed
GCH Shadow Hill's First Class
Sire: GCH Shadow Hill's Blueprint
Dam: CH Shadow Hill Dancing At Night
Breeder: Misty Dawn Crawford, Jane Hammett Bright
Owner: Jane Hammett Bright
Best of Opposite Sex
GCH Kymric Keystone
Sire: GCH Rosmoor Protocol
Dam: CH Kymric Fantasia Celestial
Breeder: Holly Hatcher, Debra Tessman Van Leavan
Owner: Holly Hatcher
Best of Winners/Winners Bitch
Belmark Borthwick Lady Of The Castle
Sire: GCH Belmark Give Me Chills
Dam: Belmark Aberdeen
Breeder: Bella Thompson
Owner: Kelly Miller-Martin, Bella Thompson
Winners Dog
Carmylie Silver Hawk Rising
Sire: CH Carmylie Black Hawk Rising
Dam: Carmylie Quicksilver
Breeder: Jean Simmonds
Owner: Cindy Gaines, Jean Simmonds
Reserve Winners Dog
Solange Peaky Blinders
Sire: GCH Laureate Invincible
Dam: GCH Solange Viva La Vida
Breeder: Linda Nicholas
Owner: Linda Nicholas
Reserve Winners Bitch
Willow Cove's Onesie
Sire: CH Belmark Kickstart CGC
Dam: Willow Cove's Phantasia
Breeder: Don and Sue Hardy
Owner: Sue Hardy, Jane Hammett Bright
Select Bitch
GCH Solange Dress Rehearsal
Sire: GCH Solange Surround Sound
Dam: GCH Sunebank Broadway Bound
Breeder: Marni Sharoff, Linda Nicholas
Owner: Marni Sharoff, Linda Nicholas
Select Dog
GCH Carmylie Sea Wave
Sire: CH Brandina Carmylie Double Digit
Dam: Carmylie Shimmering Water
Breeder: Jean Simmonds, Lorraine Tisinger
Owner: Jean Simmonds
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