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by Claudia Frank

right: "Triple Champion GUY"
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It has been asked by a performance person how they can get the attention of a good breeder in the hopes of getting the next super performance prospect but also a dog good enough to subsequently breed and finish in the breed ring.

As both a repeated purchaser of performance/show prospects for 45 years and more recently the breeder of Shelties which have been successful in both areas I can say that your "track record" makes a major contribution to how a breeder will respond to your request. What is a" track record"? It is the accumulation of accomplishments and goals earned in usually a repeated way. These accomplishments or goals may be in the same field of interest or a parallel one to that of the person whose dogs you find appealing. Does that mean you have to have only 200s in obedience, all Firsts in agilty, etc.? No, certainly as everyone has different goals but your goal should be well defined and doable by yourself, with your talent, circumstances, funds, vacation time, etc. It should be obvious that the accomplishment of your goals is a well thought out plan. Certainly, interest in doggie sports change as do our abilities to perform and train for them do also. Your desire to learn and update your training skills your enthusiasm for training makes your determination to reach your goals obvious to a breeder. They may then believe you will spread those qualities to a new pursuit… the preparation and showing of a breed dog. The eventual accomplishment of goals repeatedly over years with different dogs allows the breeder to believe that what you say you WILL DO… YOU WILL DO!

Whether you are on your first Sheltie or tenth try to keep what others would view as your "track record" in mind as you move forward in the dog world.

This concept of "track record" also carries over from goals to the conditions in which you maintain the canine partner with whom you seek the goals as well as those past their competitive years. If your current team mate or companion senior is not presented in the best possible condition and groomed the best possible way at all times why would a breeder believe you would do any different with a show prospect despite what you SAY. In the same vein if the breeder only sees your dogs clean, groomed and trimmed in clean tidy crates they would naturally assume you would continue such habits with a prospect from them.

Whether you are on your first Sheltie or tenth try to keep what others would view as your "track record" in mind as you move forward in the dog world. If you have done "IT" repeatedly and well a breeder certainly is going to be more impressed and liable to trust you with one of the special and rare Shelties that has the ability to perform and win in both performance and breed IF YOU can hold up your end with correct training, grooming and conditioning.

Claudia & Gary Frank are currently located on Finelia Farm... 135 acre of rolling pasture land in south central Ohio. This is where the JusDandy Shelties and Border Collies are bred, trained and enjoyed. Claudia has been active in dog sports for nearly 50 years and in Shelties since 1965 when a Banchory Sheltie became her high school graduation gift. Claudia has achieved goals in obedience, tracking, agility, conformation and herding.

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