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Triangle Shetland Sheepdog Club of North Carolina

November 6, 2004 -- Judge: Lynette Saltzman
Sweepstakes Judge: Carl Williford

Held at APS Felicite Latane Animal Sanctuary
Mebane, NC

Dogs In Competition: 63
Conformation Breakdown: 22- 30 (1-4) 3-3

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Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.
1 Wistwin Stars Fell On Alabama, D Hawes
2 Dury Voe Donzi, J Kelsey
3 Sunway Coalition, J McCarty/N Joines

12 - 18 Mos.
1 Crestar New York Minute, J Simpson (RW)
2 Dury Voe Road Trip, C Price/J Kelsey
3 Providence Michael's Miracle, S Hawkins
4 Enclave Legends Night Echoes, L Profenno

Bred By Exhibitor
1 Shadow Hill's Double Eagle, J Hammett/D Bright (OS, W)

2 Barwoods Santiago, B Thompson
3 Shadygrove Star Power, S Davis

American Bred
1 Elusive Mythical Camelot, S Cornelius/T McMurdo
2 Echowyn Boy's Night Out, K Messer
3 Dundee Fundamentals, L Krivanek/M Stuller
4 Hartwyn Foxglove Irrefutable, S Brillhart/S Coleman/C Laughlin

Open Black
1 Chelsea Barrnone Castaway, A Bianchi/L Bianchi
2 C-A-Moon Dundee Coalition, L Krivanek/C Craswell/C Kelly

Open Blue
1 Wistwin With Good Rhyson, A Fenton
2 Echowyn Not A Moment Goes Bi, K Messer

Open Sable
1 Jana Barwood Winning Silks AX AXJ, N Porta
2 Valdawn Shaizach Sovereign, R Jarit/K Newcomb
3 Wabeek Matt Dillon CDX, M Couzens

Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.
1 Barwood Having Faith, B Thompson
2 Barwood High Hopes, B Thompson
3 Barwood Sweet Charity, B Thompson
4 Crestar Beverly Hills, J Simpson

Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.
1 Shadow Hill's Satin Bows, P Jackson/J Hammett
2 Jancada Fanciful, M Durholz
3 Wistwin As Pretty Does, D Hawes
4 Foxglove Ashburton Infatuation, K Schive/D Jones/C Ing

Bred By Exhibitor
1 Karefree Just Imagine, C Metz
2 Foxglove Suntera Face Value, C Ing/K Schive/C Gentilcore/D Jones

American Bred
1 Solange And The Angels Sing, L Nicholas
2 Lynrose Good Morn'N Starshine, J Helm
3 Shadygrove Kissed By A Rose, S Davis
4 Sun Ridge Karefree Risque, C Metz/H Fisher

Open Black
1 Sunway Black Dahlia, T O'Brien/E Ratledge/C O'Brien
2 Barrnone Emeralds "R" Forever, K Pedersen/R Barr
3 Lanser's Ami-Star Impact, E Lanser

Open Blue
1 Stonerhaven Lilac Time, R Stoner/C Stoner (BW, W)
2 Cathance Winter Song, C Metz/L Bernier/N Porta
3 Kimmany Kalypso, J Iverson
4 Emeralds Follow That Dream, K Pedersen

Open Sable
1 Shamont Love Notes, L Sanders (RW)
2 Shalamar American Pie, A Bianchi/L Bianchi
3 Sunway Nightengale, M Sharoff
4 Barwoods Firenella, B Thompson


Veteran Dogs
1 Ch.Shadygrove Believin' In Magic , S Davis
2 Ch. Hartwyn Marchwind In Cahoots NA NAJ, S Brillhart
3 Ch. Keepsake's Grand Illusion , C Laughlin

Veteran Bitches
1 Ch. Grandhill Chartin New Design , W Phillips/D Phillips
2 Keepsake's Somewhere In Time, C Laughlin/S Brillhart
3 Ch. Touchstone Vainglorious , K Pedersen

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