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cincinnati SHETLAND SHEEPDOG club

May 24 , 2015

Breed Judge: Butch Schulman

Hamilton, OH

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Best of Breed
GCH Mystic Outspoken 
Sire: CH Grandgables Let's Show Off 
Dam: CH Mystic Ava Gardner 
Breeder: Tracy Tuff 
Owner: Bryan Borchardt, Connie Giacinto
Best of Opposite Sex
CH Jesstar Capitano
Sire: CH Pop Star SS of Northern Farm
Dam: CH Jesstar Bach Sedone
Breeder: Jessica Starbuck
Owner: Cora Painter, Jessica Starbuck
Best of Winners/Winners Bitch
Merry Joy Laulea
Sire: Jesstar Movado
Dam: Merry Joy Blue Orchid
Breeder: Takio Kamei
Owner: Kazuhiko Izuki
Winners Dog - to finish
Seaside Fairy JP Indy Rider
Sire: CH Grandgables Boy Oh Boy
Dam: Win Glory's Sweet Kiss
Breeder: Mai Nisimoto
Owner: Yumi Kai
Reserve Winners Bitch
Belmark Constellation
Sire: GCH Belmark Thriller
Dam: GCH Belmark Be Still My Heart
Breeder: Bella Thompson
Owner: Bella Thompson
Reserve Winners Dog
Ilemist As It Should Be
Sire: CH Ilemist As You Like It
Dam: CH Cimmaron High Maintenance
Breeder: Julie Desy, Mary Christensen, Susan Worsham
Owner: Julie Desy, Kim Furlong
Select Bitch
CH Shaizach Magnifique 
Sire: GCH Suncrest Rhetoric 
Dam: CH Shaizach Guiding Light
Breeder: Rebecca and Paddy Jarit
Owner: Rebecca and Paddy Jarit
Select Dog
CH Randomcreek Doctor Watson 
Sire: CH Westar Faron 
Dam: CH Belmark N'Randomcreek Cotillion 
Breeder: Cheryl Poe 
Owner: Sonia Zennie
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