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Green Bay Shetland Sheepdog Club

May 21, 2005 -- Judge: Lynette Saltzman

Held at Fond du Lac County Fairgrounds
Fond Du Lac, WI

Dogs In Competition: 34
Conformation Breakdown: 15-17(0-1) 0-1

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Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.
1 Carloway Voyager Fair Warning, B Cleveland/S Christie
2 Carlyle's One Eyed Jack, B Luketich/R Luketich
3 Neahm's Kankun Memento, M Kuhn/M Christensen

Bred By Exhibitor
1 Sunrise Dream Chaser, D Keck
2 Roseview Stargazer, M Heiden/R Heiden

American Bred
1 Cierra Mystic Blue, M Malanowski/S Christie
2 Birchwoods Evr N Drk Blu Genes, C Kuzdas/P Neuens

Open Sable
1 Willow Cove's Final Answer, S Hardy/D Hardy (RW)

2 Starlites He's All That, C Calkins
3 Roseview Look'n To The Future, R Heiden/M Heiden
4 Two J's A Wee Bit O'Scotch UDX2, J Long

1 Stardust's New Beginning, C Mazur (BOB, BW, W)

2 Blue Heavens Simply Black, L Graser/L Graser
3 Birchwoods K-Lee's Blue Skys, K Lee
4 Harbor Lite Night Moves, M Gregory/D Gregory/R Heiden/M Heiden


Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.
1 Blue Heavens Simply Electrifying, K Bohnenkamp/L Graser/L Graser (RW)

2 Drumlin's Anthem At Kuzhill, C Kuzdas/M Escalante

12 - 18 Mos.
1 Stoneridge Shellie, G Hrabik/M Hrabik
2 Lakedale By Sunrise, D Keck/G Kocoras

Bred By Exhibitor
1 Blue Heavens Simply Divine, L Graser/L Graser (W)

2 Caperlyn Mystique, T Chase
3 Candlelit Carloway Escapade, J Becherini
4 Roseview Gold Does Shine, R Heiden/M Heiden

American Bred
1 Roseview Fallen Angel, M Heiden/R Heiden
2 Odyssey Echoes In The Dark, V Hutchison/K Watt

Open Sable
1 Starlites A Season In Time, C Calkins
2 Stoneridge Callisto, M Hrabik/G Hrabik
3 Agape's Point Of Grace, P Gustafson/P Gardner/J Spayde
4 Fare Haven's Tiger Lily, P Wagner

1 Drumlin Say My Name, M Escalante
2 Cherden Enchanting, C Anderson/J Murawski
3 Cmar's I Can Roar, D Gregory/M Gregory


Veteran Bitches
1 CH Misty Autumn's Holly Holy , L Hillary/C Kuzdas (OS)

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