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Western Massachusetts Shetland Sheepdog Club

May 14, 2005 -- Judge: Dorothy Christiansen
Sweepstakes: Willette White

Held at Westfield Fairgrounds
Westfield, Mass.

Dogs In Competition: 74
Conformation Breakdown: 27-39 (3-2 )0-3

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Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.
1 Topshelf Uncork New York, P Hoover/B Polisseni
2 Wayfarer Black Powder, P Overton
3 Toven The Jurist, T Mapes/B Polisseni/P Hoover

Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.
1 Shamont Back To Basics, L Sanders (RW)

2 Carlin The Guardian, H Fellner
3 Cathance On Broadway, L Bernier
4 Rockwoods Short Stop, B Kenealy

12 - 18 Mos.
1 Homewood Face On, B Kenealy
2 Aladdin's Smoking Gun, L Buehneman/S Carlson
3 Kassanks Pause In Motion, P Ferrell

Bred By Exhibitor
1 Cataway The Court Jester, P Page
2 Darmil Tuscarora, H Jacobson/P Jacobson/C Howell
3 Majestyk Bcroft Secret Service, V Rolls/T Little/J Marciano
4 Kassanks Sun Ryder, P Ferrell

American Bred
1 Toven Winter Triumph, T Mapes

Open Black
1 Carmylie Luminescence, J Simmonds/C Gaines
2 Dury Voe Iditarod, B Paine/J Kelsey
3 Kyrie Gladiator, D Miller/T Grathwohl
4 Cataway Midnight Aire, P Page/J Helm

Open Blue
1 Blu Vu Katana Rolling Thunder, K Stewart (BW, W)

2 Sunaire Light Up The Sky, R Olsen/K Ryan
3 Asharon Whats One More, K Manchester/B Paine/S Poirier
4 Realities Dundee My Way, D Golas/L Krivanek

Open Sable
1 Edgemere Kintyre's Explorer, L Wilson/B Deloge
2 Majestyk B'Croft Secret Agent, T Little/J Marciano/V Rolls
3 Areeva Glen Ryan, V Cormier
4 Wyndeway's Bound For Glory, R Sourwine


Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.
1 Juris Madame Justice, P Hoover/G Miner
2 Kimark Flower Power, B Hackel
3 Shamont Just Showing Off, L Sanders
4 Tr's Forever In Bluejeans, D Rinaldi

Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.
1 Daval Glamour Games, L Bernier/A Carty
2 Shaizach One Life To Live, R Jarit
3 Prinhill Heidi, D Mancini/S Mancini/L Brunner
4 Rasanns Mysterical, D Denardo

12 - 18 Mos.
1 Toven On The Wings Of Winter, T Mapes
2 Carmylie Bi Bi Birdie, J Simmonds
3 Shaizach Rosalita Senorita, R Jarit
4 Kyrie Attridge No Doubt, T Grathwohl/B Klassen

Bred By Exhibitor
1 Macdega Apropos, T Coen/N Coen (RW)

2 Rock Island Lady Of Dreams, S Mancini
3 Rasanns Intuition, D Denardo
4 Foxglove Ashburton Sheherazade, K Schive/C Ing/D Jones

American Bred
1 Riverbend Fate Returned, C Mierzwa

Open Black
1 Foxglove Too Darn Hot, K Schive/D Jones/C Ing

Open Blue
1 Shaizach Iridescent, R Jarit

Open Sable
1 Wistwin Genesis Stargazer, J Whalen/D Hawes (W)

2 Cathance Secret Affair, L Bernier
3 Carmylie Brandina Wild Child, J Simmonds
4 Cindahope Heathcliff Hot Pocket, N Hildreth/L Hildreth/R Hildreth


Veteran Bitches
1 CH Genesis Forever My Lady, J Whalen (BOB)

2 CH Cindahope Designer Jean NA OAP NAJ AJP, N Hildreth/R Hildreth
3 CH Rasanns Centerfold, D Denardo

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