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March 22 , 2015

Breed Judge: Loralee Runnels
Sweepstakes Judge: Cathy Meek

Bloomington, CA

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Best of Breed
CH Stargazer Enterprise 
Sire: CH Rosmoor Providence 
Dam: Arenray's Akeelah 
Breeder: Melissa Strong, Karen Coombs 
Owner: Jeri Wilson, Melissa Strong
Best of Opposite Sex
GCH Karosel Sunset Candyland 
Sire: GCH Karosel Just Push Play 
Dam: Sunset Eye Candy 
Breeder: R. McTaggart, K. Schmutz, J. McFarlin, J. Jiminez 
Owner: Kathleen Schmutz, Robin McTaggart
Best of Winners/Winners Bitch
Shooting Star Sunkist'd Half N Half
Sire: CH Stargazer Enterprise
Dam: Shooting Star Moonlite Serenade
Breeder: Debbie Majewski
Owner: Debbie Majewski and Jeri Wilson
Winners Dog
Sterling Street Smarts
Sire: Sterling Justified
Dam: Sterling Seriously!
Breeder: Peggy Stephens
Owner Peggy Stephens
Reserve Winners Dog
Sunset Karosel Call of Duty 
Sire: CH Wistwin In Neon 
Dam: CH Okies Affair To Remember 
Breeder: Kathleen Schmutz, Denise Hones 
Owner: Jennifer McFarlin, Kathleen Schmutz
Select Bitch
CH Lacewood Traces of Moonlight
Sire: CH Sea Haven Chasing Moonbeams
Dam: CH Lacewood Bi Starlight
Breeder: Tricia Harris
Owner: Tricia Harris
Select Dog
GCH Karosel Just Push Play
Sire: CH Sea Haven Squeeze Play
Dam: CH Karosel Natalia
Breeder: Robin McTaggart, Cheryl Kessler, Jennifer McFarlin
Owner: Tami Dance, Robin McTaggart, Jennifer Kilpatrick-McFarlin
Best in Sweepstakes
Daedream Image of Elegance
Sire: CH Apple Acres Net Worth
Dam: Daedream Mirror Image
Breeder: Dixie Eigenrauch
Owner: Dixie Eigenrauch
Runner Up To Best in Sweeps
Salt City Midnight Confession at Mistybrook
Sire: Lacewood Rembrandt
Dam: Lacewoods Night Moves
Breeder: Barbara Ray, Jan Williams
Owner: Barbara Ray, Tricia Harris
Best in Veteran Sweepstakes
Arenray's Akeelah
Sire: CH Sea Haven Chasing Moonbeams
Dam: CH Sea Haven Diamonique
Breeder: Karen Coombs
Owner: Melissa Strong, Karen Coombs
Runner Up To Best in Veteran Sweepstakes
CH SumerSong Moonlit Cameo NAJ NAP
Sire: CH Elbee Fantasia Munkee Bizniz NAJ
Dam: SumerSong Twilight Kisses
Breeder: Peggy Haderlie
Owner: Debbie Majewski
BOB - 4-6 month puppy
Aratone's Sugar Rush
Sire: CH Barwood Clearsky Fireworks
Dam: Aratone Westar Baiting A Royal PT
Breeder: Marie Eguro, Mark Hersman
Owner: Marie Eguro, Mark Hersman
BOS - 4-6 month puppy
Stargazer Astronomical
Sire: CH Serenity's Out Of This World
Dam: CH Stargazer Bellatrix
Breeder: Melissa Strong
Owner: Melissa Strong, Karen Coombs
High In Trial - Open B 196 1/2
Westernesse Jammin' Live Jazz CDX
Sire: CH Sunburst Run N Fun CDX HSAs NA NAJ NAP NJP OF
Dam: Westernesse Fun And Frolic
Breeder: Joyce Herie
Owner: JoAnne Griffin, Joyce Herie
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