American shetland sheepdog association
2010 national specialty

Held at Tucson Convention Center
Tucson, Arizona

Judge: Kim Schive
Start Time: 10:55 AM

Best of Breed Group Two Dogs (2 absent)

1. x
2. x
3. x
4. x

C = Cut
A = Absent

C 341 CH Jade Mist Belmark Bragging Rights Breeder: Bella Thompson and Linda Griffith By CH Willow Cove's Wild Card x Belmar Mystic Rose Owner: Bella Thompson
  343 CH Kismet's Silver Chalice O'Paray Breeder/Owner By CH Stonerhaven Samurai x CH Grandgables Showcased At Paray Owner: Guy and Thelma Mauldin
  345 CH Jesstar Nickelodeon Breeder: Erin Matern and Jessica Starbuck BY CH Apple Acres Expedition x CH Jesstar Havana Owner: Bill and Dawn Phillips
C 347 CH Leeason Rock My Soul Breeder/Owner By Krystalyn's Crowd Pleaser x Leeason's Soft Rock Cafe Owner: Emily Anderson and Dee Kraft
A 349 CH Rosmoor Providence Breeder: Jennie Hynes and Rose Tomlin By CH Pop Star SS Of Northern Farm x CH Rosmoor Rapture II Owner: Peggy and Jan Haderlie
  351 Ch Ambrozias Sure Ain't No Angel. Breeder: Earnest & Caren Ciampini & Kim Christopher. By Ch Lower Gwynne Raisin An Angel x Ambrozias Lites Outn Memphis. Owner: Earnest & Caren Ciampini
C 353 Ch Sunburst Faith Unconditional. Breeder: Linda & Kimberlea & Kristen Maynard & S Crawford. By Ch Brangay Spotlight Unconditional x Ch Sunburst Keep The Faith. Owner:Suzanne Schmidt & Sharon Crawford & Susan Parsons.
C 357 Ch Sea Haven Etched In Silver. Breeder: Johanna Primeaux. By Ch Sea Haven's Sharper Image x Sea Haven Primo Victorian Lace. Owner: Karen Hase.
  359 Ch Krystalyn Road To Rio. Breeder: Yvonne DeFreitas. By Ch Westar's Rainier x Krystalyn Morning Mist. Owner: Ellen Ball & Bryan Borchardt & Yvonne DeFreitas.
  361 Ch Vinita's Iceman Of Blue Heaven. Breeder: Rita Devito. By Ch Apple Acres Blue Heaven Thunder x C-Mar N Dotted Swiss. Owner: Lisa & Lloyd Graser.
C 365 Ch Kencherry's Keep Best Pertner FCI. Breeder: Hiroko Hisami. By Ch Kencherry's Keep Top x Kencherry Lovely Bi Partner. Owner: Etsuko Ito.
C 367 Ch Braeleen Let Freedom Ring. Breeder: Kathleen L Brown & Cathy Dupree. By Ch Hill View's Patriot Games x Mindalyn This Time Next Year. Owner: Kathleen L Brown.
  369 Ch Adalia's Stellar Debut. Breeder: Jill Hamilton. By Ch Foxglove Ashburton Bottoms Up x Ch Adalia Little Town Flirt. Owner: Tanner Clark.
  371 Ch Coastal Wintercreek Mas Tequila. Breeder: Tammy Alden & Polly Brolin. By Ch Trevanne's Pelletier x Ch Jade Mist Coastal Country Girl. Owner: Debra Gayton & Wendy Radd.
  373 Ch Westar's Rainier. Breeder: Mark Hersman. By Trevanne's Rudy Guilliani x Westar's Fayleen. Owner: Susan & Mark Garcia.
C 375 Ch Okie's Kell Wild Wild West. Breeder: Jim & Janet Belcher. By Ch Okie's Black Tie Affair x Okie's Cowgirls Get Th'Blues. Owner: Amy Massey & Jeannette Powers-Hodson.
  377 Ch Mistybrook Milagros GQ. Breeder: Renee Guillierie & Jan Williams. By Ch Braeleen Let Freedom Ring x Mistbrooks Cover Girl. Owner: Renee Guillierie & Jan Williams.
  379 Ch Karmuns White Chocolate Mocha. Breeder: Karen Munster & Bella Thompson. By Ch Karmuns Justice Is Served x Belmark Practically Perfect. Owner: Jan Long.
C 381 Ch Karmuns Clean Sweep. Breeder: Linda H Cornella & Andrea Wempe. By Kambria Color Wonder x Ch Royal Hill's Gabriella. Owner: Karen Munster & Cathy & Doug Ohlendorf.
  389 Ch Grandgables Oh Henry. Breeder: Owners. By Ch Talisker's Bengal x Grandgables Willowcove Oh Lala. Owner: Guy Jeavons and Mark McMillan.
A 395 Ch Belmark Lo And Behold. Breeder: Owner. By Ch Bach Belmark On Canvas x Karmix Third Watch. Owner: Bella Thompson.
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