American shetland sheepdog association
2010 national specialty

Held at Tucson Convention Center
Tucson, Arizona

Judge: Marcia Bittner
Start Time: 10:34 AM

Puppy 12-18 Month AOAC Dogs (15 entered, 7 absent)

1. Stargazer Super Nova
2. Marshland Armed N Dangerous
3. Sunaire Living The Dream
4. Shooting Star Northern Lights

C = Cut ,A = Absent, M/O =Measured Out
  Istari Midnight Sun. Breeder/Owner: K Kozakiewicz, R Vale, F Blachere and R Porter By Sunnyvale Amore Turbo x Istari White Shoulders

Marshland Armed N Dangerous Breeder/Owner: Daniel Wheatcroft and Marsha Wheatcroft
By Mystic's The Show Must Go On x Marshland Loud N Trendy

  Shooting Star Northern Lights Breeder/Owner: Debbie Majewski By CH Karousel Sea Haven Moonraker
A Stasec's Whiskey Runner Breeder: Ann Sallay, Sue Thill, Betty O'Neill BY CH Carloway Bootleg Market x Stasec's X's and O's
  Sunaire Living The Dream Breeder: Kathy Ryan and Jackie Corwin By CH Lochlyn Dream Catcher x Sunaire Natalia Owner: Kathy Ryan, Jackie Corwin and Kathy Wilkins
A Allusion On Demand Breeder/Owner: Pamela Pool By Allusion Skye's The Limit x Allusion Romance Novel
A Apple Acres Ha-Dar Dakota Breeder: Locklyn Guzmon By CH Apple Acres Greatest Hits - Ha-Dar Apple Acres Beverly Hills Owner: Robin Swan and Cheryl Sorensen
  Echo Hill's Jack Frost Breeder/Owner: Leann Glee By Racetta Echo Hill Destiny x Belmark Echo Hill's Valentine
  Stargazer Super Nova Breeder: Melissa Strong and Karen Coombs By CH Macdega Notorious x Arenray's Akeelah Owner: Melissa Strong and Candi McHaney
A PaRay's Coastal Bad Moon Rising Breeder: Tray Pittman and Paul Flores By PaRay Perfecta Of Kismet - PaRay's Starsong Owner: Tammy Alden, Tray Pittman and Pauline Brolin
A My Lord's A Checkerboard Breeder: Marianne Lewis and Jan Williams By CH Icon Drops Of Jupiter x Mistybrooks Amorie Owner: Marianne and Donald Lewis
A Tremolo Backstage Pass Breeder/Owner: Tiffany and Lee Ramsden By CH Montage Booty Call x Shadland No Nonsense
A Mainland Sterling Lost In The Fog Breeder: Linda Susan Griffith and Jo Virden By Sterling Justa Gigolo - Mainland A Blizzard is Building Owner: Peggy Stephens

Wandren Park Akadia Ovation Breeder: Dr. James Wanek and Shannalee Waller-Michalsky By CH Macdega Notorious x Akadia Porcelaine De Limoges Owner: Deborah Sirdosky andDr. James Wanek

  Attridge Motor City Breeder: Deanne Harrison By CH Attridge Windy City x Belmark Glamour Girl Owner: Beverly Klassen
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