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June 18, 2011

Breed Judge: Barbara Kenealy
Sweepstakes Judge: Nancy Cooney

Topsfield, MA

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Best of Breed
CH Rabbit Run Cindahope Fair Trade
Sire: Shelhaven Counterstrike
Dam: CH Shelhaven Rabbit Run Rhapsody
Breeder: Connie Nelson, Megan Nelson, Karen and Robert Henley
Owner: Nancy Hildreth and Megan Nelson
Best of Opposite Sex
GCH Macdega Apropos
Sire: CH Pop Star SS of Northern Farm 
Dam: CH Macdega Clairvoyant
Breeder: Thomas and Nioma Coen
Owner: Thomas and Nioma Coen
Best of Winners/Winners Bitch - to finish (4 pts)
Toven Water-Colored Memories
Sire: CH Bach Belmark On Canvas
Dam: Toven An Affair To Remember
Breeder: Toni Mapes, Barbara Ettrich
Owner: Toni Mapes
Winners Dog - 4 pts

Rosmoor Madrigal
Sire: CH Lochlyn Dream Catcher
Dam: CH Rosmoor Shaizach Starlet
Breeder: Kate Hynes, Jennie Hynes
Owner: Holly Hatcher, Jennie Hynes

Reserve Winners Bitch

Shield Crest Zathura
Sire: CH Macdega Atlantis
Dam: CH Shield Crest Anastashia
Breeder: Shiela Monks, Charlene Jones
Owner: Shiela Monks, Charlene Jones

Reserve Winners Dog

Cindahope Taylored Troubadour
Sire: CH Halstor Cindahope Trueheart
Dam: Prinhill Tar-ri Whistle Bait
Breeder: Elizabeth Hildreth, Nancy Hildreth
Owner: Elizabeth Hildreth, Sandra Taylor

Select Bitch

CH Rock Island Lady Of The Lake
Sire: CH Kylene Eden The Dragonslayer
Dam: Rock Island Endless Dream
Breeder: Don and Sue Mancini
Owner: Don and Sue Mancini

Select Dog

CH Rosmoor Promised Land 
Sire: CH Rosmoor Protocol 
Dam: CH Rosmoor Incantation
Breeder: Jennie Hynes, Rose Tomlin 
Owner: Jennie Hynes, Rose Tomlin 

Best Veteran in Sweepstakes

Silverado Rabbit Run Ragtime, OA, OAJ
Sire: CH Montage The Last Boy Scout
Dam: CH Virgo Silverado
Breeder: Samantha Zagskorn
Owner: Constance Nelson, Megan Nelson and Jordan Flynn

Best in Sweepstakes

Wintercreek Brandina Island Dreams
Sire: CH Coastal Wintercreek Storm Warning
Dam: Coastal Wintercreek Tequila Sunrise
Breeder: Debra Gayton
Owner: Nancy Everett, Debra Gayton

Runner Up to Best in Sweepstakes

Cathance Asharon Full Circle
Sire: CH Pop Star SS of Northern Farm
Dam: CH Daval Glamour Game
Breeder: Barbara Paine, Lynda Bernier
Owner: Barbara Paine

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