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Ring Patterns: A look back at May 2016

Central Indiana Shetland Sheepdog Club has highest turnout
There were 10 specialty shows held in 5 states during May: Indiana, Massachusetts,
North Carolina, Utah and Wisconsin. At Central Indiana Shetland Sheepdog Club's morning event, Meredith Hector judged the largest talent pool with 60 in competition. Judge Hector was approved for the breed in October of 2014.

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Judge (initial breed if other than Shelties) Total Shelties
Date State Specialty Show Date Approved to Judge Shelties

The afternoon event at Central Indiana SSC draws the largest entry
Hector Hector tallied the largest entry for the month with 67 at the Central Indiana Shetland Sheepdog Club at the Saturday afternoon specialty. This was the first year the club held same day specialty shows in May and the third year where the specialties were held in May -- previously they were held in February.

Judge (initial breed if other than Shelties) State Total Entry of Shelties Date Specialty Show Date Approved to Judge Shelties

Shelties continue to excel in obedience awards in May
Seven shelties earned top Obedience awards at the all-breed shows in Iowa, Wisconsin, New Jersey and Wyoming. The highest entry in competition was 37 at the Heart of Iowa Kennel Club where a sheltie earned Highest Scoring Dog in Regular Classes.

All Breed Show Sheltie Obed. Award State Date Entry Total Entry Competing

Two take Best in Show along with double digit Group Ones
Two shelties took Best in Show this month. The first on May 1 in Florida under Judge Robert Smith and the second in Alaska at the end of the month under Susan Godek.

Along with these top awards there were 37 Group placements, including 10 Group 1 awards. The number 232 represents the month's largest group in which a sheltie placed -- it went Group 4 under Judge Linda Robey. Her initial breed is Belgian Sheepdogs.

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Judge (Intial Breed or Country) Total Shown in Herding Group / and placement State Date All Breed Show Date Approved to Judge Shelties

Owner-Handled Group Ones and placements keep going up.
Herding Group judges placed shelties 26 times in the AKC National Owner-Handled Series, including eight Group 1s, eight Group 2s, six Group 3s and four Group 4s.

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Judge (Intial Breed or Country) Award State Date All Breed Show Date Approved to Judge Shelties