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Ring Patterns: A look back at March 2016

Chicagoland Shetland Sheepdog Club had best turnout in March
There were 23 specialty shows held in 9 states during March: Maryland, Illinois, Missouri, California, Florida, Texas, Kentucky, Hawaii and New Jersey. Jaqueline Corwin judged the largest talent pool, surveying 59 shelties This was the first of two back-to-back specialties held by the Chicagoland Shetland Sheepdog Club in Melrose Park, Illinois. Judge Corwin was approved to judge the breed in April of 2007.

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Judge (initial breed if other than Shelties) Total Shelties
Date State Specialty Show Date Approved to Judge Shelties

Saturday afternoon at SSC of Baltimore draws the largest entry
Charlotte Tull-Swinson, who was approved for the breed in June of 1980, tallied the largest entry for the month with 70 at the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Baltimore at the Saturday afternoon specialty. The Chicagoland Specialties in Illinois pulled in slightly larger numbers of entries over the Maryland Specialties -- an average of 67 for Illinois vs 64 for Maryland. In the past 10 years, the largest entry recorded at this Saturday show was 123 in 2006 and the lowest was 50 in 2012.

Saturday Afternoon, Greater Baltimore,
Entry Totals, Year by Year:

2015 - 75 - Glenda Henson
2014 - 40 - Sue Richey
2013 - 63 - Bernadette Biasi
2012 - 50 - Glen Stak
2011 - 71 - Michael Hill
2010 - 64 - Joyce Beddow
2009 - 75 - Phil Wendling
2008 - 99 - Mrs. J. Byrne
2007 - 87 - Carolyn Ing
2006 - 123 - Ms. L. Millman

Judge (initial breed if other than Shelties) State Total Entry of Shelties Date Specialty Show Date Approved to Judge Shelties

Shelties are tops out West in Obedience three times in March
During the third month of this year, we found three competitors who earned top Obedience awards at all-breed shows. Two of the top awards were earned in Washington State and the other in California. The highest entry in competition was 54 at the Seattle Kennel Club where a sheltie earned Highest Scoring Dog in Regular Classes.

All Breed Show Sheltie Obed. Award State Date Entry Total Entry Competing

Sole Group One win comes from show in Hawaii
There were 22 Group placements, including one Group 1, 6 Group 2s, 6 Group 3s and 9 Group 4s. The number 199 represents the month's largest group where a sheltie placed and was judged by Stepanie Hedgepath (German Shepherds) at the Heart of America Kennel Club show in Missouri on March 12.

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Judge (Intial Breed or Country) Total Shown in Herding Group / and placement State Date All Breed Show Date Approved to Judge Shelties

Shelties top the Herding Group five times in NOHS
Herding Group judges placed shelties 14 times in the AKC National Owner-Handled Series, including five Group 1s under Judges Manuel Queijeiro of Mexico, Jacqueline Stacy (Pomeranians), Jon Cole (Bull Terriers) Pat Mowbray-Morgan (Irish Setters) and Merle Taylor (Scottish Terriers).

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Judge (Intial Breed or Country) Award State Date All Breed Show Date Approved to Judge Shelties