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Ring Patterns: A look back at February 2016

Des Moines Shetland Sheepdog Club had best turnout in February
There were 14 specialty shows held in six states during February: Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, California, Texas, Iowa and Ohio. Dr. Eric Liebes judged the largest talent pool, surveying 55 shelties -- at a Friday show in Des Moines, Iowa, kicking off a weekend of all-breed shows at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Although Judge Liebes' initial breed is not published at AKC, he began judging in 1994 and three breeds are listed in that year in April; Greyhounds, Ibizan Hounds, and Komondoroks. According to AKC, he also judges four groups; Sporting, Hound, Working, Herding and Best in Show. He was approved to judge Shelties in July of 2002.

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Judge (initial breed if other than Shelties) Total Shelties
Date State Specialty Show Date Approved to Judge Shelties

Glen Stark, who was approved for the breed in April of 2005, tallied the largest entry for the month with 63 at the Three Rivers Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Pittsburgh on Sunday. The Pennsylvania Specialties at the begining of the month also hold the lead for the highest entries of the month with an average of 62 for the two-day show. In the past 10 years, the largest entry recorded at this Sunday show was 102 in 2007 and the lowest was 40 in 2014. These specialties in 2016 were held on Saturday and Sunday at the beginning of February and offered Conformation, Junior Showmanship, Sweeps, Rally and Obedience.

Sunday, Greater Pittsburgh, Entry Totals, Year by Year:
2015 - 60 - Liz Bianchi
2014 - 40 - Sue Richey
2013 - 65 - Nancy Bodine
2012 - 54 - Bob Kelly
2011 - 65 - Carolyn Ing
2010 - No show
2009 - 91 - Jane Howard
2008 - 90 - Carl Skinner
2007 - 102 - Marcia Bittner
2006 - No show

Judge (initial breed if other than Shelties) State Total Entry of Shelties Date Specialty Show Date Approved to Judge Shelties

Sheltie High In Trial at All-Breed Show in Oregon

During the second month of this year, we found one competitor who earned the top obedience award at an all-breed show. In a field of 81 competitors, a shetland sheepdog earned High In Trial at Mckenzie Cascade Dog Fanciers out of the Open B class which was the largest obedience class of the day with 18. This show was held at the end of the month in Albany, Oregon.

All Breed Show Sheltie Obed. Award State Date Entry Total Entry Competing

Shelties tops the Herding Group Twice in February
There were 15 Group placements, including two Group 1s, 5 Group 2s, 6 Group 3s and 2 Group 4s. Repeat awards (a Group 2 and 3) were awarded by June Penta whose initial breed is the Alfghan Hound. The number 177 represents the month's largest group where a sheltie placed and it happened twice -- a 2nd place under Evie Sullivan in Indiana and a 2nd place under Jack Ireland in Arizona.

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Judge (Intial Breed or Country) Total Shown in Herding Group / and placement State Date All Breed Show Date Approved to Judge Shelties

Owner-handler takes Best in Oregon
Herding Group judges placed shelties 6 times in the AKC National Owner-Handled Series, including a Group 1 by Judge Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna and Best In Show by Judge Marissa Clark at McKenzie Cascade Dog Fanciers in Oregon on February 28.

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Judge (Intial Breed or Country) Award State Date All Breed Show Date Approved to Judge Shelties
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