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2015 ASSA Dogs Critique

Judge Gayle Eads

6 – 9 Sable Dog
1. #21 - Silverado Coastal Mocha Latte - WINNERS DOG – This puppy was an absolute stand out. What a face. He had a beautiful almond shaped dark eye that was beyond expressive, round muzzle, very clean skull and very pretty shaped ears. Beautiful head detail, He owned the ring. He never placed his feet wrong. He had a strong back and nice neck and he was very balanced. His rear was very strong and his front was very true. He had nice reach and drive. This puppy just grabbed me and said “Look at me.”

^ Silverado Coastal Mocha Latte
owned by Tammy Alden, Samantha Burris, Pauline Brolin
and Pat Toomey

2. #19 - GorDon’s Barwood Sound Check – he had a very pretty skull and eye, nicely balanced and very true coming and going.
3. #341 - MacLaren Maharaja – Very pretty eye and skull, nice balance and very true coming and going.
4. #261 - Neahm’s Come As You Are – He had a very pretty eye and skull. He was very true coming and going and nicely balanced.

6 – 9 AOAC Dog
1. #421 - Blue Heavens Blackhawk – Loved this puppy. He had a beautiful face and dark eye and beautiful almond shaped eye. Very sweet face. Well rounded muzzle and clean skull and nice under jaw. He was balanced with a beautiful back. He moved coming and going very true, but a strong rear.
2. 319 - Belmark Give Me Chills – He had a very pretty face and nice eye. Very balanced body and very true coming and going.
3. #259 - Shandy’s Merry Old Soul – He had a very pretty sweet face and pretty eye. He was nicely balanced and very true coming and going.
4. #99 - Belmark Strategy – He had a very pretty eye and nice balance and very nice coming and going.

9 – 12 Sable Dog
1. #87 - Clearsky Sound Machine – Very nicely balanced dog, very true coming and going with a very pretty sweet eye. He had a pretty clean skull.

^ Clearsky Sound Machine
owned by Terry Jennings.

2. #201 - Goldenhylite’s The Maverick – He was a nicely balanced dog. Pretty outline and very nice coming and going.
3. #411 - Birchwynd’s Imperative – He had a pretty face and pretty eye. Nicely balanced dog and a nice rear.
4. #245 - Marjahs Champagne Dreams – Nice balance and nice rear, pretty face.

9 – 12 AOAC Dog
1. #289 - Suncrest Watermark – He had a beautiful eye and a beautiful balanced out line. Pretty skull and muzzle and very strong in rear.
2. #345 - Kassank Blu Vu Dark Side O’The Moon –Pretty eye and face, nice rear and balance.
3. #321 - Belmark Knockout Round – Nicely balance and pretty dark eye.
4. #383 – KeDIOs Thunder & Lighning – Pretty face nice muzzle, strong rear.

12-18 Sable Dog
1. #351 - Darmil Ain’t No Saint – Balanced head, Pretty eye and nice full muzzle, nice movement.

^ Darmil Ain’t No Saint
owned by Heidi and Peter Jacobson.

2. #399 - Glen-Lakin Whistlejacket – Nicely balanced dog and nicely balanced head, pretty eye.
3. #483 - Wistwin Lucky In Love – Strong rear, nice skull and pretty eye.
4. #231 - Lynphil Greendor See Me Now – Nicely balanced dog, pretty outline, and nice coming and going.

12-18 AOAC Dog
1. #151 - Homespun Holly Hill Triple Play – Balanced head and Body, strong rear.
2. #447 - Wyndsong’s The Dance – Pretty eye and nicely balanced head.
3. #435 - Starphire Pirates Of The Caribbean – Nice out line and pretty eye.
4. #63 - Belmark Aftershock – nicely balanced body and pretty dark eye.

Novice Dog
1. #373 - Grandgables Tru Lee A Top Cat – Loved his body. He has a very pretty eye and loved his outline. Very true moving dog.
2. #377 - Greendor’s Lancelot – Nicely balanced dog and very true coming and going; pretty face.
3. #489 - Sympa-ly Five Star – Pretty face and eye and very true coming and going.
4. #199 - C-A-Moon Antaeus – Nice outline and pretty face, nicely balanced.

Bred By Exhibitor Dog
1. #407 - Mainstay Magic Mike – This dog is very balanced and had a very pretty eye and nice full muzzle. He was very true in front, rear and side gate and very pretty outline. He had very pretty head detail.
2. #357 - Presidio Proof Set – Very nice moving dog coming and going. Very pretty out line and pretty face and eye.
3. #331 - Rabbit Run Royalist – Nice moving dog coming and going with a clean skull and pretty eye.
4. #181 - Foxbrook’s Anchorman – Very true coming and going and nicely balanced dog.

American Bred Dog
1. #183 - Trelynn Sir Vincent At Foxbrook – Nicely balanced dog with nice head detail and a pretty eye and skull. Very true coming and going, nice reach.

^ Trelynn Sir Vincent At Foxbrook
owned by Guyan Lange and Debbie Tresnak.

2. #393 - Solstice Provocateur – Nice head detail and pretty eye and nice body balance. True coming and going.
3. #429 - Kellcrest Ghostly Gray – Very honest coming and going with nice body balance.
4. #155 - Jmell TR Encore – Pretty out line and balance, nice rear.

Open Black Dog
1. #365 - Randomcreek Doctor Watson - RESERVE WINNERS DOG – Very handsome tri dog with a strong balanced body. Very clean skull with a beautiful dark eye and a full muzzle, beautiful head detail. He has a very sweet face. He moved effortlessly coming and going with beautiful reach and drive. He has a very strong front and rear and very pretty outline.

^ Randomcreek Doctor Watson
owned by Sonia Zennie

2. #467 - Elbee There And Back Again – Very nice side gate and nice outline and balance.
3. #423 - Blue Heavens Korbel – Very true in the front and nice skull and pretty eye.
4. #353 - Grandgables The Acadian – Pretty outline and face and very true coming and going.

Open Blue Dog
1. #161 - Legacies Millennium’s X-Factor – Pretty clean skull and pretty eye. Very pretty outline and strong rear.

^ Legacies Millennium’s X-Factor
owned by Lynette Stewart and Veronica Covatch.

2. #267 - Carloway Frozen At Stasec – Pretty skull and muzzle, pretty outline, and nice coming and going.
3. #449 - Kell’s Epic Times At Paray – Nicely balanced dog with a pretty eye and muzzle and nice side gate.
4. #79 - Beckon Bountiful Blue – Nice reach and drive and pretty face and nicely balanced.

Open Sable Dog
1. #135 - Crinan Executive Decision – Nicely balanced dog with nice reach and drive, pretty head and eye, very true coming and going.

^ Crinan Executive Decision
owned by Evelyn Susin.

2. #223 - Seaside Fairy JP Indy Rider – Beautiful almond eye and clean skull and muzzle beautiful expression. Lovely body balance, pretty outline and very strong rear.
3. #125 - Goldenhylite’s The X Factor – Nice outline and body balance, and nice pretty face and eye.
4. #24 - Coastal’s Captivation – Pretty eye and muzzle and nice body balance and nice rear.

The Veterans
I have to tell you about these Veterans. The words do not come easy. My heart was very full. The faces and movement were just amazing [as was] there love of the ring and they are all Show Dogs. They are all amazing and unbelievable to watch.

The one who is unbelievable and amazing was CH. Sooners The Huntsman OA, OAJ, at age 17 years young, he made several cuts in Best of Breed and he was an absolute Joy to watch . . .

Veterans Dogs 9 – 12
1. #329 - GCH Kylene Eden The Dragonslayer – This dog is a Show Dog. You can tell he loves what he does. He shows and moves with ease and has love for the ring in his eyes. He has a presence and demands attention.
2. #131 - CH Kymric Xterra – This dog enjoyed himself. Very nice moving dog. Loved his face.
3. #153 - CH TR’s Bi The Sorcerer’s Stone – Loved his face. Still moved well.
4. #441 - Okie’s The Riverboat Gambler – What a showman and face.

Veterans Dog 12 – Over
1. #71 - CH Sooners The Huntsman OA OAJ – He is amazing. What a showman. Loved watching this gentleman.
2. #91 - CH Foxglove Hartwyn I Like Ike – He had such a sweet face and still such a Show Dog.
3. #473 - CH Summerloves Zac Attack – What a Show Dog. He enjoyed himself in the ring and told everybody he was there.
4. #67 - Brandina Cathance Nor’easter – Very sweet face and showman.

I would like to thank everyone with ASSA. Your kindness and hospitality was amazing and your kindness to my daughter Cendy was wonderful. Thank you to Marjorie Tuff and Marcia Bittner and Chrissy Machado for keeping the ring and ME in order -- you are all amazing . . . I was beyond pleased with all my class winners and had so many beautiful dogs. I loved my Winners Dog and I would love to have taken him home. My Reserve Dog could have come home with me also.

Judging the ASSA National was a DREAM COME TRUE. I enjoyed every second and had a BLAST!!!!!! Thank you ALL.

Gayle Eads

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