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Tallahassee Area Shetland Sheepdog Association

February 26, 2005 -- Judge: Edweena McDowell
Sweepstakes: Zell Von Pohlman 

Hosted by Ochlockonee River Kennel Club of Florida

Held at North Florida Fairgrounds
Tallahassee, FL

Dogs In Competition: 57
Conformation Breakdown: 23-29 (3-1) 0-1
Sweepstakes Entry: 3-4

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Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.
1 Jandale Back To The City, J Barber/D Barber
2 Windfall's Guns Ablazin, P Willis/T Willis
3 Windfall's Top Gun, R Desjardin/A Maria/P Willis

Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.
1 Weststar's Faded Blues, J Hines/D Eckenroth/K Schmutz
2 Jandale Reach For The Stars, J Barber/D Barber

Bred By Exhibitor
1 Sunset Speakeasy, K Schmutz/D Eckenroth (RW)

2 Starfall Winds Of Summerlove, J Nahikian/L Reimers
3 Lorain's Presumed Innocent, C Essrick
4 Ross Roi The Rifle Man, D Ross

American Bred
1 Lakewood's Makers Mark At Mesa, L Delancey/B Adams
2 Summerloves Life Of The Town AX AXJ, J Lipsio/A Dunford

Open Black
1 Bellevue's Sugarcreek Bayou, P Bronder/H Biggs

Open Blue
1 Sandyisle No Rhyme Or Reason HSAs OA OAJ, T Deusen/M Keitz
2 Simrell's Blue Moon Rising, N Simms/M Burrell/P Willis
3 Act I Bi Blue Heaven, G Dennis
4 Tophats Pistol Pete, E Henderson/T Henderson

Open Sable
1 Playland Rydin In Time, C Bays/L Bays (W)

2 Dan Dee Love Of The Game, D Maholsic/V Daniels
3 Gryphyn Man Of The Year, M Griffin-Cone
4 Wabeek Matt Dillon CDX, M Couzens


Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.
1 Tara Hill Tropical Showers, D Eckenroth/K Schmutz/B Smith

Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.
1 Avalon Waldenwood Windermere, H Smith
2 Ozark Crest Miss Congeniality, P Hannah/K Hannah
3 Redfield Inclination, J Adair/M Mahaffey
4 Avalon The Sound Of Music, D Allen

12 - 18 Mos.
1 Wadegate Mahalo, M Wade

Bred By Exhibitor
1 Raisin's I Love Lucy O'Glenn, D Wolcott/D Wolcott (BW, W)
2 Shadow Hill's Satin Bows, P Jackson/J Hammett (RW)

3 Redfield Windsong, J Adair/M Mahaffey
4 Eden Kylene Rainbow Over The City, L Patrick/K Dziegiel

American Bred
1 Gryphyn Southern Belle, N Boyd/M Cone
2 Brieya Castile, N Iroff/D Komarek
3 Wadegate Dream Whip Figures, D Olson
4 Windfall's Silver Belles O'Jenesis, T Yarbrough/D Riley-Willsey

Open Black
1 Merrimac Regina At Graceland, R Atkins/K Atkins
2 Prinhill Rhythm, L Brunner/P Brunner
3 Aurora Cherry's Jubilee, A Meakin/D Hassrick/C Hassrick

Open Blue
1 Weststar Make An Impression, D Eckenroth/K Schmutz
2 Junels Simply Out Of The Blue, J Nelson

Open Sable
1 Sequoia The Soprano, R Tindle
2 Barwoods Forever Amber, J Jewett/P Jewett
3 Lorain's Impeachable Offense, C Essrick
4 Krystalyn Laureate Intuition, J Moore/L Profenno/Y DeFreitas


Veteran Bitches
1 CH Loraine's Repeat Performance PT, C Essrick (OS)

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