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Des Moines Shetland Sheepdog Club

February 19, 2005 -- Judge: Dr. Sophia Kaluzniacki
Sweepstakes: Melissa Forneris

Held at Iowa State Fairgrounds
Des Moines, IA

Dogs In Competition: 74
Conformation Breakdown: 30-38 (4-1) 0-1

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Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.
1 Somerhaven's Merlots Best, D Sherbrooke
2 Karmayne's Summer Bronze,
3 Karmayne Summer Solstice, K Rech/M Rech

Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.
1 Oakdale Clean Sweep, P Yates/C Holmes
2 Krislyn Meant To Be, T Fisicaro/V Smidt
3 Kandisweet Crestar Phoenix, R Thompson/J Simpson
4 Apple Acres Master Commander, Y Thayer/R Thayer

12 - 18 Mos.
1 Blue Heavens Tri N Catch Me, K Bohnenkamp/L Graser/L Graser
2 Kandisweet Patriot, R Thompson
3 Blue Breeze Letsout A Flurry, K Carlson

Bred By Exhibitor
1 Krislyn Dazzlin By Nature, T Fisicaro/S Jarecki
2 Cullivoe Black Forest, D Nordby
3 Buehneman Believe My Dream, L Buehneman

American Bred

1 Apple Acres Odyssey Outline, K Watt/L Guzman
2 Barmour Vp Bacardi Razz, T Struble/M Struble/R Barthuly
3 Apple Acres Blue Heaven Thunder, L Graser/L Graser
4 Karmayne Spring Into Action, R Barthuly/K Rech

Open Sable
1 Buehneman's Keep The Beat, J Bush/L Buehneman
2 Dazzlin Great Expectations, S Jarecki/T Fisicaro
3 Wildoak Cool Hand, D Southwick/D Southwick
4 Buehneman In My Fathers Eyes, L Buehneman

1 Realities Special Design, R Devito (BW, W)
2 Drumlin War And Peace, M Escalante (RW)

3 Kell Allegheny Moon, A Zoss/J Zoss
4 Okie's Jewel With Noahs Ark, N Nelson/J Belcher


Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.
1 Spice O'Life The Beat Goes On, G Andersen
2 Somerhaven Elvira, D Sherbrooke
3 Karmayne Summer Kisses, R Barthuly/K Rech
4 Karmayne Summer Princess, K Rech/M Rech

Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.

1 Stoneridge Shellie, G Hrabik/M Hrabik (RW)
2 Krislyn's Gentle Breeze, B Schaller/T Fisicaro
3 C-Mar N Dotted Swiss, R Devito
4 Valkyries Anything Goes, R McCary/V Smidt/T Fisicaro/G McCary

12 - 18 Mos.

1 Bentley's Majestic Rose, J Bromen/P Kuypers
2 Odyssey Hearts Of Lace, L Reynolds/K Watt/D Reynolds

Bred By Exhibitor
1 Raisin's I Love Lucy O'Glenn, D Wolcott/L Guihen (W)

2 Valkyries Call A Win Mariah, T Fisicaro/V Smidt
3 Somerhaven's What A Girlwants, D Sherbrooke
4 Darlin's Waltzing Matilda, L Reynolds/D Reynolds

American Bred
1 Stoneridge Callisto, M Hrabik/G Hrabik
2 Blue Heavens Silver Skye, K Bohnenkamp/L Graser
3 Blue Heavens Kuroi Yuri, L Graser/L Graser

Open Sable
1 Odyssey Echoes In The Dark, V Hutchison/K Watt
2 Okie's Kell Serendipity, A MASSEY/J Powers-Hodson/J Belcher
3 Kieferts Coyote Moon Dancer, M Kiefert
4 Romayne's Putt-On Airs, K Rech/R Barthuly

1 Glenarry Night Games, G Henson
2 Kell Epona, G Andersen
3 Oakdale Apple Acres Kokomo, L Guzman/K Hase/K Watt
4 Okie's Miss Natalie, J Belcher


Veteran Bitches
1 CH Barwoods Kyrie Ashley CD RN NA NAJ, T Grathwol/J Zoss/C Robyt

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