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Cleveland Shetland Sheepdog Club

December 12, 2004 -- Judge: George Horn
Sweepstakes -- Judge: Jean Clodwick

Hosted by Western Reserve Kennel Club

Held at International Exposition Center
Cleveland Ohio

Dogs In Competition: 74
Conformation Breakdown: 31-34 (6-3)

Sweepstakes: 7-12

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Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.
1 Jade Mist Destination, C Howell
2 Lakewood's Winter Storm

Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.
1 Sandance Ardastra, S Worsham (BW, W)

2 Karefree Ticket To Ride, L Amrein

12 - 18 Mos.
1 Crestar New York Minute, J Simpson
2 Herridon's Stagehand, D Duncan/M Duncan
3 Playland Rydin In Time,
4 Belmars Above The Law, R Carlin/L Griffith/B Griffith

Bred By Exhibitor
1 Homespun Dream Weaver, J Iverson
2 Dunade Kaskade The Explorer, E Wade/C Demoss
3 Darmil Tuscarora, H Jacobson/P Jacobson/C Howell

American Bred
1 Jade Mist Vanguard, D Mcclure/L Mcclure
2 Splendales Court Jester, D Jones

Open Black
1 Ashburton Suntera Kodak Moment, D Jones/C Gentilcore
2 Brynmere Soliare Tsunami, S Schutte/S Healy
3 Fairfax Hot Shot, M Douglas/C Douglas/D Moore

Open Blue
1 Bach Jesstar Rodeo, D Rimkus

Open Sable
1 Trevanne's Pelletier, C Howell (RW)
2 Lakewood's Makers Mark At Mesa, L Delancey/B Adams
3 Little Bits Bound To Be, B Willis/R Willis
4 Kelvington's Talisman, E Kelvington/D Kelvington


Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.
1 Belmark Letters From Home, B Thompson
2 Starphire Takin' It Back
3 Roadsho Irish Gael Winds, S Irish/D McFarland
4 Splendales Waterlilly, D Jones

Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.
1 Barwood Sweet Charity, B Thompson
2 Merlyn's Cosmic Caper, E Cromer/M Cromer
3 Foxbrook's Morning Glory, G Watrous/G Watrous

12 - 18 Mos.
1 Barlo's One 'N Only, P Miller (RW)
2 Grandgables Kray Z Paray Z, G Jeavons/M McMillan
3 Lynrose Good Morn'N Starshine, J Helm
4 Robin's Lady Sabrina, R Durnwald

Bred By Exhibitor
1 Ask'n For Merlyn's Image, E Askenase/J Askenase
2 Balgair's Waltzing Mattilda, N Thompson

American Bred
1 Musical Simply Irresistible, D Musick
2 Kaskade's Blue Star Of Orion, M Williamson/P New/C De Moss
3 Ross Roi Bit Of Magic, D Tresnak/D Ross/S Stanfill

Open Black
1 Kirenes Southern Belle, K Phillips/S Phillips

Open Blue
1 Cathance Winter Song, C Metz/L Bernier/N Porta
2 Penpals Providence At MacLaren
3 Eastbrooke Confetti Flys, D Weaver/D Blazek/B Blazek
4 Ashburton Foxglove Picante, D Jones

Open Sable
1 Jade Mist Without A Trace, C Howell (W)
2 Highhope Lady In Red, K Henry
3 Laureate Cadence, B Campbell
4 Mysterie Curtain Going Up, P Davis

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