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2015 ASSA Bitches Critique

Judge Barbara Wright

To be afforded the honor and responsibility of judging our National is undoubtedly the pinnacle of every Breeder/Judge’s career. To have experienced that honor a second time was truly overwhelming. My sincere thanks to each and every breeder and exhibitor for the opportunity to judge our 2015 National. I felt that the quality in every class was exceptional.

While many dedicated volunteers are required to make such an event possible, I would especially like to thank the Wolcotts and Joy Bass for their great hospitality. The ASSA is very fortunate to have our skilled crew of stewards. Special thanks to my ring stewards, Marsha Bittner and the incomparable Marjorie Tuff, for keeping us all in line and for running the classes efficiently and enjoyably. And to all those who work tirelessly behind the scenes, a huge, "Thank You."

I felt the quality was so deep in all the classes and it extended well beyond the placements, thus my cuts were often numerous. All those bitches deserved the recognition and consideration. The puppy classes were exceptionally strong all the way through 12-18. It was refreshing to see puppies that were age appropriate in maturity. Puppies actually looked like puppies. The Novice class was remarkable. Not only was it the largest entry, but the winner was definitely in contention for WB.

I was looking for the total picture—type, balance, outline, good legs, and soundness. I felt that my winners reflected those virtues. When the winners class was assembled, it was truly the most overwhelming moment of my “Sheltie life.” It was certainly the Class of a Lifetime.

6-9 SW: SOLANGE EASY A: Lovely outline, sweet expression. moved smoothly, age appropriate maturity


owned by Linda Nicholas

6-9 AOAC: BELMARK CARBON COPY: BiBlack. lovely outline, moved nicely. caught my eye immediately, age appropriate maturity



Owned by Beverly Klassen

9-12 SW: LYNPHIL GOT THE LAST WORD: Lovely planes, balanced, sweet expression, very pretty and nicely coated


Owned by Phil, Crystal and Kim Wendling

9-12 AOAC: PARAY’S HAPPY MEMORIES: BiBlack, good outline, sweet expression, moved very well

12-18 SW: LYNPHIL NOW YOU SEE ME: Pretty, sweet expression, moved out, balanced, in superb condition. A really nice class

Owned by Phil, Crystal and Kim Wendling

12-18 AOAC: KYMRIC PORCELAIN BLUE: BiBlue. very nice outline, good profile, lovely condition

NOVICE: LYNPHIL GOSSIP GIRL: Small blue, very elegant in outline, moves smoothly, pretty, sweet expression—lovely bitch, definitely a contender for WB

Owned by Phil, Crystal and Kim Wendling, Rita Von Pusch, Jessica Starbuck

BBE: LYNPHIL PRETTY LITTLE LIAR: Blue, elegant, pretty expression, lovely planes, very balanced, in beautiful condition


Owned by Phil, Crystal and Kim Wendling

AM BRED: LEGACIES MILLENNIUM TIN LIZZY: BiBlue, elegant, well balanced, moved well, sweet expression



Owned by Lynette Stewart and Veronica Covatch

OPEN BLACK: KEDIOS NIGHT STORM: BiBlack, good outline, nice planes, well put together

OPEN BLUE: MIQELON PERFECT STORM: Smaller, lovely planes. beautiful expression, lovely outline, moved out freely, in glorious condition

OPEN SW: GOLDEN HYLITE’S TAYLOR SWIFT: Beautiful expression, full muzzle, good outline, moved out freely, very showy

WINNERS BITCH: MIQELON PERFECT STORM: Eye catching from the moment she entered the ring. She presented lovely outline with a pretty face, refined headpiece, and sweet expression.
The picture was very feminine. She moved true, coming and going. Her sidegate was exceptional, owning the ring with her effortless strength and power from her well-put-together body. She was truly a lovely representation of our Breed. It was my honor to award her WB and my pleasure to see Mr. Coen award her BW.



Owned by Jenna and Rhonda Cruthers

RWB: GOLDENHYLITE’S TAYLOR SWIFT: Very similar in attributes to WB. Lovely expression with full, round muzzle, good outline, also flowed around the ring. Beautiful bitch


Owned by Nancy Tibben

VETERAN BITCH 9-12: CH PLAYLAND SWEET HOME ALABAMA: (SW) Absolutely beautiful bitch, lovely expression, moved effortlessly around the ring. Only way to tell she was a Veteran was by looking at the catalog. A well deserved AOM.


Owned by Cheryl Pike and Donna McCulloch

VETERAN BITCH 12+: CH SHELHAVEN RABBIT RUN RHAPSODY: (SW) The most senior “girl” in the ring. An absolute show girl. Pretty face and good outline, superb condition, moved like a youngster and relished every second in the spotlight. Another well deserved AOM. A great example of what makes our breed truly Special.


Owned by Constance and Megan Nelson / Karen and Robert Henley

BROOD BITCHES: A quality class: CH BELMARK YA GIVEN ME FEVER: Lovely BiBlack bitch, very typey youngsters, very consistent look, a lovely family


Owned by Bella Thompson

JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP: All the young people were extremely well prepared. They presented themselves and their dogs in a very professional and poised manner. They all followed instructions well and were respectful toward each other and the judge. They also took care not to crowd or distract their fellow exhibitors. They and their dogs worked together as one. "Excellent job" to all.

NOVICE JUNIOR: Justin Thompson


OPEN SENIOR: Grace Szczurek

MASTER: Molli Jason

BEST JUNIOR HANDLER: GRACE SZCZUREK: She exhibited all the above. Also, her bitch misbehaved a bit and she quickly and subtly corrected her with a gentle yet professional hand.
Since all the young people were so skilled, it was a difficult decision. I am certain that our top handlers of the future were among this group.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was such a marvelous experience. While I was thrilled with so many exceptional bitches, we do still have some areas that need to be addressed. Missing premolars are still a problem. In some cases I had to balance type vs. teeth. While I chose type, as breeders we have to be aware of this on-going problem in our breeding programs. Good stops were a rarity. Also, I noted many moving very close in rear.

Overall, our dedicated breeders have made great strides. I am still so thrilled to have had this amazing honor a second time. A sincere thank you to each and every breeder and exhibitor. I will treasure this experience always.

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