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Novice A
1st Lochlyn Abigail Springtime - Jonelle Wolf (Score 176)
Novice B
1st - Carmylie Foremost All Spelled Out - Gina Loffredo (Score 197+)
2nd - Plails Rob Roy HSAd CD PCD BN RE OA NAJ NF - Karen Darney
3rd - Cobalt Char-E Cobalt Amour OA NAJ - Kathleen Tagliamonte
4th - Pinnacle Sound Breaker BN AX AXJ CA - Marilyn Begasse
Open A
1st - Carmylie Foremost Free For All CD - Gina Loffredo (Score 195)
2nd - Foremost's Rose Parade CD - Sharon Repper
3rd - TC MACH2 Moonglow Chosen Bi Eclipse CD RE - Ulli Weinrich, Cheryl Sacerich
Open B
1st - OTCH Eastbrooke Blue Ridge Treasure UDX6 OGM VER RE AX MXJ AXP AJP OF - Vicky Gillow (Score 198.5)
2nd - OTCH Staymat Magnificent Journey UDX OM3 - Dani Romanic
3rd - Prelude's Wild At Heart CDX GN GO - Diane and Garry Bartlett
4th - Heart Lake Dnstnbr Ruler of Oz UDX2 OM1 RE HSds OA NAJ OF - Eleanor Campbell-Swank
Utility A
No qualifiers
Utility B
1st - OTCH Staymat Magnificent Journey UDX OM3 - Dani Romanic (Score 195 1/2+)
2nd - Starhaven's Laser Beam CDX RE CA - Laura Romanik
3rd - Springvalley Blue Smoke CDX BN GN RA NAJ - Nicold Fitzgerald, Helena Schuldt
4th - OTCH Shelwin's Pocket Rocket UDX5 OM8 - Margo Foster, Debra Lynn Shearer
Beginner Novice A
1st - CH Cinder Glo Tie Breaker - Nancy West (Score 195 1/2)
2nd - Signor Da Capo Al Coda - Gabriele Beyer
3rd - CH Cinder Glo Living The Dream - Nancy West
4th - Casia's Celtic Fire OA AXJ AXP OF CGC - Sheri and Patrick Glen Rockhill
Beginner Novice B
1st - Anistar Change of Pace - Elaine O'Carroll (Score 198.5)
2nd - CH Bluvalley Black Myst MX MXJ NF - Rachel Lucas
3rd - Kellene Walking In Memphis - Mary Arose
4th - Holly Hill Storm Warning Jazy OA OF AXJ - Jayne Christie, Mary Christie
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