American shetland sheepdog association
2011 national specialty

Held at Purina Event Center
Purina Farms
Gray Summit, Missouri

Judge: Barbara Kenealy
Start Time: 8:00 AM

Open Sable & White Dogs (27 entered, 6 absent, 1 move up)

1. Shalligy's Le Gentil Farfadet
2. Acadia Prince Of Peace
3. Barwoods Truespirit Daytona
4. Cindahope Taylored Troubadour

C = Cut
CC= 2nd Cut
A = Absent

C 391 Zesta The Race Is On
  393 Worthington's Pistol Pete
CC 395 Barwoods Truespirit Daytona
C 397 Brangay Grand Citation
C 399 Karmuns Show Stopper
A 401 Mystic's Show Off At Belmark
A 403 Lynphil Solstice
M/U 405 Sea Haven Pirate's Cove
C 407 Shalligy's Le Gentil Farfadet
CC 409 Willow Cove's Ethan Allen
A 411 Beckon G.Q.
  413 PaRay's Protagonist
  415 Zesta Earth Shattering
CC 417 Liberty Bells The Special Man
CC 419 Cindahope Taylored Troubadour
  421 Oyez Darmil Drop Everything
  423 Sunbri"A" R Inherit The Wind
CC 425 Lynphil Mirror Mask
  427 Buehneman Despite The White
C 429 Acadia Prince Of Peace
  431 Wintercreek Easy Rider
A 433 Sunspun System Analyst
  435 Sunway Lo-Cash Cowboy
  437 Mill Creek' s Just Aks Me Andy
A 439 Jade Mist Celtic Star Time To Shine
  441 Rabbit Run Face Value
A 443 Last Castle's True Hoope FLI
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