American shetland sheepdog association
2011 national specialty

Held at Purina Event Center
Purina Farms
Gray Summit, Missouri

Judge: Barbara Kenealy
Start Time: 1:35 PM

Open Black Dogs (18 entered, 3 absent, #355 Move up, #337 to Blue class)

1. Belmark Shake Up
2. Kencherry's Vit Roon
3. Weatherman's TakeThe Lead OA AXJ
4. Lynphil Timeless Piece

C = Cut
A = Absent

M/U = Move Up
  323 MACH HC Moonglow Chosen Bi Eclipse
  325 Illu-Ja-De Quintessence
C 327 Weatherman's TakeThe Lead OA AXJ
  329 Kandy's Look-Me-Over
  331 Rikadon's Moonlighting
C 333 Lynphil Timeless Piece
C 335 Castle Gate's Angel In Disquise
To Blue 337 Voyager's Tow J's Franco Sarto
  339 Miquelon Tremelo On The Edge
A 341 Silverwynd PS KC Masterpiece CD TD NA NAJ
  343 Karastar's Simply Stated
A 345 Zesta Showin' It Up
  347 Homespun Royal Gold Keepin The Beat
  349 Attridge Motor City
C 351 Belmark Shake Up
A 353 PaRay's Pavarotti
Mi/U 355 Vision Designed Bi Dreamz
C 357 Kencherry's Vit Roon
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