American shetland sheepdog association
2011 national specialty

Held at Purina Event Center
Purina Farms
Gray Summit, Missouri

Judge: Barbara Kenealy
Start Time: 10:30 AM

Puppy Dogs, 9-12 Mos, AOAC (23 entered, 6 absent, 1 move up to BOB)

1. Rosmoor Madrigal
2. Laurelen Whiteoak 'Hey Arnold'
3. Mistybrooks Roundabout
4. Elbee Push For Play

C = Cut
A = Absent

M/U = Move Up to BOB

C 131 Elbee Push For Play
  133 Brandwine's Take Me Along
  135 Pleasant Prairie To Infinity And Beyond
A 137 Montage Alehandro
  139 Shazadar Blue Heavens Hi Definition
A 141 Glenarry Shining Bright
A 143 Sunaire Studio 54
M/U 145 Rosmoor Mojave
  147 Carlyle Snoky Mountain Thunder
C 149 Granite Gables Moonlight Motif
C 151 Kaskade Dunade's Irish Tenor
A 153 Pleasant Prairie Reach For The Sky
  155 Calypso Nitty Gritty
  157 Castlegate's White Lightening
A 159 Sequoya Mardi Gras
C 161 Laurelen Whiteoak 'Hey Arnold'
  163 Ciel Brae If I Were A Rich Boy
C 165 Mistybrooks Roundabout
C 167 Rosmoor Madrigal
A 169 Hullston's Reese's Pieces
  171 Cielbrae Cold Steel On Ice
  173 Ciel Brae Full Metal Jacket
  175 Liberty Bell Adonis
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