American shetland sheepdog association
2011 national specialty

Held at Purina Event Center
Purina Farms
Gray Summit, Missouri

Judge: Barbara Kenealy
Start Time:

Puppy Dogs, 6-9 Mos, AOAC (19 entered, 3 absent, #71 moved to BOB)

1. Serenity's Walk In The Park
2. Suncrest Mentissimo
3. Blue Heavens Notoriously B'Dazzled
4. C-A Moon Dundee Prototype

C = Cut
A = Absent

C 45 Blueshadow's Bad Moon Rising
C 47 Road's End Carte Blanche
  49 Kensil's Fully Loaded
C 51 Suncrest Mentissimo
  53 Drumlin Jetblue

55 Blackmyst Genesis

C 57 Kismet's Risky Business
C 59 Bearcreek Noir Chevalier
  61 Sunset Karosel Call Of Duty
A 63 Kevington's Divine In Tri Venton
  65 Mistybrook's Street Legal
C 67 C-A Moon Dundee Prototype
  69 Mistybrook's Northsong Fade To Black
To BOB 71 B'Dazzled Blue Heavens Conspiracy Theory
C 73 Serenity's Walk In The Park
  75 Freedom Mafia Wars
A 77 Apple Acre's Odyssey Expose'
C 79 Blue Heavens Notoriously B'Dazzled
A 81 Last Castle's Super Star K
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