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American shetland sheepdog association national specialty

Breed Conformation

April 20 - 23, 2005 -- Judge: Tom Coen (Dogs, BIS); Nioma Stoner Coen (Bitches)

Held at Gateway Center
Collinsville, Illinois

Winners Dog Class

C = Cut

  6 to 9 Month, Sable and White
  Westar's Faron, Mark Hersman 9/11/2004
Sire: CH Carloway Coronado
Dam: Westar's Wild Kisses
Breeder: Breeya Barbree and Mark Hersman
Owner: Mark Hersman
C 6 to 9 Month, AOAC
  Cathance Kirby Stormtracker 10/11/2004
Sire: CH Dury Voe Wintergreen
Dam: Cathance Cascata
Breeder: Lynda Bernier and Diana Morgan
Owner: Lynda Bernier
  9 to 12 Month, Sable and White
  Domaine's Diplomat 5/24/2004
Sire: CH Jade Mist Memorandum
Dam: Domaine's Dixie
Breeder: Deborah, Donald and Emily Miller
Owner: Deborah, Donald and Emily Miller
  9 to 12 Month, AOAC
Sumersong Secret Weapon 6/28/2004
Sire: CH Apple Acres Building Blocks
Dam: SumerSong Secret Nights
Breeder: Peggy Haderlie and Wendy Retzer
Owner: Peggy and Jan Haderlie
12 to 18 Month, Sable and White
  Sandance Ardastra 2/2/2004
Sire: CH Cindahope Trade Mark
Dam: Topshelf Victorian Keepsake
Breeder: Susan and Bobbi Pate
Owner: Susan Worsham
  12 to 18 Month, AOAC
Kankun's A Whole New World 2/22/2004
Sire: Kankun's Keepsake Yule Remember
Dam: Kankun's Bi Worth Remembering
Breeder: Marlene Kuhn
Owner: Marlene Kuhn
WD Novice

Silver Sion Grat Vega 3/20/1999
Sire: CH Macdega Evergreen
Dam: Silver Sion Indian Look II
Breeder: Tsutomu Mochizuki
Owner: Masafumi Kishiro

C Bred-By Exhibitor
Lochleven War Admiral 10/21/2003
Sire: CH Kandisweet War Paint
Dam: Kyrie Goo Goo Doll
Breeder: Tracy Grathwohl
Owner: Tracy Grathwohl
American Bred
  My Lord's Thyme Lasts Forever 7/3/2003
Sire: Primo The Scottsman
Dam: My Lord's Winter Clover
Breeder: Johanna Primeaux and Marianne Lewis
Owner: Don and Marianne Lewis
C Open Black
Barkley's SS Pure Soul 5/14/2002
Sire: CH Barkley's SS Pajero Junior
Dam: Barkley's SS Welcome Party
Breeder: Nanae Takenoshita
Owner: Rodney Oishi
Open Blue

Miqelon Khorizma 9/5/2003
Sire: CH Shadland For The Moment
Dam: Miqelon Austacious
Breeder: Rhonda and Jenna Cruthers and D. Cornelssen
Owner: Jenna Cruthers

R Open Sable
  Reinmaur's Firecracker 7/7/2000
Sire: CH Barwoods Bushfire
Dam: CH Lynphil's Dream Coat
Breeder: Maureen McCaveney
Owner: Maureen McCaveney
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