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American shetland sheepdog association national specialty

Breed Conformation

April 20 - 23, 2005

Judge: Tom Coen (Dogs, BIS); Nioma Stoner Coen (Bitches and Stud Dog Class)

Held at Gateway Center
Collinsville, Illinois

Dogs, Stud Dogs (22 entered)
(Catalog #, Name)

C = Cut
A = Absent

4 469 Odyssey Games Of The Heart
C 549 Reinmaur's Firecracker
597 Legends Tresta Future Vision OA AXP OAJ AJP
615 CH AFC Playland Ravenscourt Connection
A 631 CH Kyrie Chasing History
A 633 CH Westar's Dynasty
A 635 CH Blue Heavens Hi Ho Silver
A 641 Dury Voe Wintergreen
C 693 CH Stasec's Handsome Venture
A 717 CH Grandgables It's Show Time
C 721 CH Keifert Wilee Coyote (end of the first group shown)
A 725 CH Cindahope Trademark
  739 CH Belmar's Joker's Wild
2 741 CH Aynesworth Silver Moonlight
A 745 CH Halstor Cindahope True Heart
A 789 CH Apple Acres Expedition
A 791 CH Fireside Full Speed Ahead
A 811 Jammin Consort Coranado
3 813 Shadow Hill's Polaris
1 815 Ilemist As You Like It
  817 CH Kelnook's Devil To Pay CD AX MXJ
  819 CH Belmars Trump Card
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