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American shetland sheepdog association national specialty

Breed Conformation

April 20 - 23, 2005 -- Judge: Tom Coen (Dogs, BIS); Nioma Stoner Coen (Bitches)

Held at Gateway Center
Collinsville, Illinois

Best of Breed, Dogs, Group 5
(Catalog #, Name)

C = Cut
2/C = 2 Cuts
A = Absent

  775 CH Tymeless Town Hero
C 777 CH Elbee Fantasia Munkee Bizniz
  779 CH Jade Mist Coastal Cowboy
781 CH Hullston's Sirius Black
  783 CH Topshelf Hannalore MVP
C 785 CH Blue Heavens Silver Rain
A 787 CH Lasswell's Due South
C 789 CH Apple Acres Expedition
  791 CH Fireside Full Speed Ahead
793 CH Foxbrook's Newsboy
A 795 CH Shadland For The Moment
A 797 CH Raisin's Jr High Crush
  799 CH Kandisweet Night Wind PT
C 801 CH Willow Cove's Time Card
A 803 CH Summerloves Look My Way
C 805 CH Montage Booty Call
A 807 CH Elora Legolas
809 CH Apple Acres Building Blocks
C 149 CH Starphire Tell It Like It Is (move up from 9 to 12 Sable)
  467 CH Imagine Quick Draw (move up from Open Black)
C 519 CH Playland Dallas Cowboy (move up from Open Sable)
C 747 CH Shadow Hill's Double Eagle
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