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American shetland sheepdog association national specialty

Breed Conformation

April 20 - 23, 2005 -- Judge: Tom Coen (Dogs, BIS); Nioma Stoner Coen (Bitches)

Held at Gateway Center
Collinsville, Illinois

Best of Breed, Dogs, Group 3
(Catalog #, Name)

C = Cut
2/C = 2 Cuts
A = Absent

C 695 CH Denian Deuce's Are Wild
A 697 CH Stone Mills Blizzard Of Aahs
  699 CH Millcrest Capture The Moment
A 701 CH Eden Kylene Love In The City
  703 CH Conbrio Legends All Shook Up
A 707 CH Carloway Coronado
C 709 CH Kymric Xterra
  711 CH Crestar New York Minute
713 CH Laureate Latitude
A 715 CH Kismet's Master Of The Game
C 717 CH Grandgables It's Show Time
  719 CH Laureate Disclosure
721 CH Kiefert Wile E Coyote
C 723 CH Integra Indelible Ink Of Merridon
725 CH Cindahope Trade Mark
727 CH Angelrush Anasazi
C 729 CH Ashbury Timberland
  733 CH Cameo Dreamchaser
  651 CH Baccara Super Sonic CD MX MXJ
  671 CH Realities Special Design
C 755 CH Whiteoak's Dealer's Choice II
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