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American shetland sheepdog association national specialty

Breed Conformation

April 20 - 23, 2005 -- Judge: Tom Coen (Dogs, BIS); Nioma Stoner Coen (Bitches)

Held at Gateway Center
Collinsville, Illinois

Best of Breed, Dogs, Group 2
(Catalog #, Name)

C = Cut
2/C = 2 Cuts
A = Absent

A 655 CH Oakdale Acclaim To Fame
  657 CH Merridon's Wizard Of Oz
659 CH Westar's Dioneecio
  661 CH Agape's Harvest Time
C 663 CH Classy Tresta Bronson
  665 CH Jade Mist Designer Arpeggio
  667 CH Triumph A Well Known Gun
C 669 CH Classy Tresta's Torment
A 673 CH Tarran's Ba Barracus
675 CH Kismet's A Walk In The Clouds
C 677 CH Sea Haven Chasing Moonbeams
679 CH Hillstone Final Cut
  681 CH Oakdale Livin' On Fame
A 683 CH Kelbren Blue Flame
C 685 CH Shadland Double Jeopardy
687 CH Drumlin War And Peace
A 689 CH Ambrozia Midnite In Memphis
A 691 CH Brangay With A Cuban Beat
  693 CH Stasec's Handsome Venture
C 705 CH Kylene Eden The Dragonslayer
  773 CH Halstors Cyrus The Great
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