American shetland sheepdog association 2008 national specialty

Held at Island Grove Park
Greeley, CO

Judge: Ms. Jane Howard

Start Time: 2:43 PM
End Time: 3:13 PM

CH Hill View's Patriot Games

Stud Dogs (14 entered, 6 absent)

1. CH Hill View's Patriot Games
2. CH Belmark Lo and Behold
3. CH Apple Acres Expedition
4. CH Grandgables Lets Show Off

A = Absent

A Berwyn Mr. Moonlight Brdr: owr & Gael Silverman. By CH Icon Gala Lunar Exlipse x Belmark Berwyn Crystal Blue Persuasion. Owr: Stephanie Richardson.
  Cherden Thunder Run Brdr:owr. By Cherden Blackhawk x Cherden Enchantment. Owr: Cheryl Anderson.
A Shelhaven Alaris Brdrs:owrs. By Shelhaven Counterstrike x CH Laureate City Angel. Owrs: Karen & Robert Henley.
  Cherden Blackhawk Brdr: owr & Brent Benton. By Cherden Look Of Eagles x Cherden Bi Winter Starlite. Owr: Cheryl Anderson.
  CH Kelnook's Devil To Pay CD AX MXJ Brdr: Rita Keller. By CH Apple Acres Lawman x Kelnook Krysta. Owrs: Gary Whitmore & Rita Keller.
A CH Mejimo Merridon Lumberjack Brdr: Robin Fatula. By CH Merridon's Hot Shot x CH Mejimo Merridon's Call Girl. Owrs: Donald/Merrily Duncan & Robyn Fatula-Confer.
4 CH Grandgables Lets Show Off Brdrs: Guy Jeavons & Mark Houston-McMillan. By CH Grandgables It's Show Time x Grandgables Foxy Lady. Owr: Rose Marie Doran.
A CH Grandgables Oh Boy Oh Boy Brdrs: Jeavons & McMillan & P/C/L Wendling. By CH Grandgabbles It's Show Time x Lynphil's Montara. Owrs: Guy Jeavons & Mark McMillan.
A CH Halstor Cindahope Trueheart Brdr: Edith Overly. By CH Cindahope Trade Mark x Sunnybrook Comet of Halstor. Owrs: Nancy Hildreth & Edith Overly.
3 CH Apple Acres Expedition Brdr: Locklyn Guzman. By CH Apple Acres Odyssey Armani x CH Trevanne's Dominique. Owrs: Guy Jeavons & Mark McMillan.
A CH Icon Gala Lunar Eclipse Brdr: Sharon Sampson. By CH Sea Haven Chasing Moonbeams x CH LaurelGlen Icon Rising Star. Owr: Gael Silverman.
2 CH Belmark Lo and Behold Brdr: Owr. By CH Bach Belmark On Canvas x Karmix Third Watch. Owr: Bella Thompson.
  CH Okie's Black Tie Affair Brdr: owr. By CH Sea Haven Chasing Moonbeams x Okie's Rise 'N Star. Owr: Janet Belcher.
1 CH Hill View's Patriot Games Brdrs: owrs. By CH Jade Mist Memorandum x Hill View's Kari My Dream. Owrs: Susan Beacham & Marie Miles.
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