American shetland sheepdog association 2008 national specialty

Held at Island Grove Park
Greeley, CO

Judge: Ms. Jane Howard

Start Time: 10:56 AM
End Time: 11:23 AM

Coastal Wintercreek Island Tan

Open Sable and White Dogs (21 entered, 9 absent,1 Move Up to Best of Breed)

1. Coastal Wintercreek Island Tan
2. Coastal Wyndsong's Continental Cruiser
3. Strattonhill Shadland Encore
4. Penelanes Stand Up And Cheer

C = Cut
A = Absent
MU = Move Up To Best of Breed
A Avonlea Grande Finale Brdr:owr. By Ch. Grandgable's It's Show Time x Starswept Spring Breeze. Owr: Claire Belanger.
A Lynphil Solstice Brdrs:owrs. By Ch. Snoedancer's Piper Is Mine x Ch. Lynphil's Natural Keepsake. Owrs.
4 Penelanes Stand Up And Cheer Brdr:owr. By Ch. Primo Role Model Treasured x Penelanes Cause For Applause. Owr: Penny McCausland.
A Rockwood I Am Family Brdr: Barbara Kenealy. By Ch. Valdown's Its In The Stars x Ch. Valdawn Ken-Rob's Irish Rose. Owrs: Kathleen Charette & Barbara Kenealy.
A Karmayne Spring Into Action Brdrs: Karen Rech & George/Tatsuko Danforth. By Ch. Romayne's Sport' Legacy x Romayne's Putt-on Airs. Owr: Rita Barthuly.
2 Coastal Wyndsong's Continental Cruiser Brdrs: Tammy Alden & Pauline Brolin. By Ch. Jad Mist Coastal Cruiser x Wistwin Rosy Red. Owr: Deborah Luper.
  Aladdin's Smoking Gun Brdrs:owrs. By Buehneman In My Fathers Eyes x Buehneman's Roll Of The Dice. Owrs: LuAnn Buehneman & Sherry Carlson.
A Westar's Faber Brdrs: Mark Hersman & Breeya Barbree. By Ch. Trevanne's Rudy Giuliani x Aylmere Almost An Angel. Owrs: D'Anne Sherbrooke & Mark Hersman.
  Dan Dee Country Dreamer Brdr: Valerie Daniels. By Ch. Tara Hill Home Base x Apple Acres Lov'in Promise. Owrs: Doris Ann Brown & Locklyn Guzman.
MU Dury Voe Scottsdale Brdr: owr. By Dundee Arizona x Dury Voe Rhonda Rhonda. Owr: Judith Kelsey.
3 Strattonhill Shadland Encore Brdrs:owrs. By Ch. Macdega Sausalito x Ch. Shadland Lyrical Times. Owrs: Charlotte Edmunds & Joyce Woolridge.
A Westar's Airic Brdrs: Diana Williams & Mark Hersman. By Ch. Carloway Coronado x Westar's Belladonna. Owrs: Paul Flores & Tray Pittman & Mark Hersman.
1 Coastal Wintercreek Island Tan Brdrs: Tammy Alden & Debra Gayton. By Ch. Coastal Wintercreek Mas Tequila x Wintercreek Splash Dance. Owrs: Tammy Alden & Pauline Brolin.
  Shelhaven Alaris Brdrs:owrs. By Shelhaven Counterstrike x Ch. Laureate City Angel. Owrs: Karen & Robert Henley.
  Mus-Art Gentry Tried-N-True Brdr: Audrey Mouck. By Ch. Ha-Dar Headline News x Mus-Art Garden In Bloom. Owr: Tia Sternberg.
  Tymeless Army of One Brdr: Leann Nelson. By Ch. Tymeless Town Hero x Tymeless Sunburst Lucky Charm. Owr: Larry Cosper.
  Sea Side's Highland Regency Brdr: Penny McGirt. By Ch. Karosel River of Gold x Sea Side's Special Edition. Owr: Kathleen Dawson.
A Shield Crest Step A Side Brdr: Sheila Monks & Charlene Jones. By Ch. Ilemist As You Like It x Ch. Shield Crest Phoenix. Owr: Joan McDaniel.
  Weathermans The Mudslinger Brdr: Gail Dickson. By Ch. Glenesk Scenic Shadow Play x Weathermanns All That Glitters. Owrs: Dana Quinney & Shannalee Michalsky & Gail Dickson.
  TNC's Western Marksman Brdr: Tia Sternberg. By Ch. Sandance Ardastra x TriC's Life Lessons. Owrs: Cody Campbell & Tia Sternberg.
A Liberty Belle Discovery Brdr: owr. By Ch. Grandgables Its Showtime x Macdega Riviera. Owr: Kim Kang Ja.
A Libertybell Discovery Brdr: owr. By Ch. Grandgablee's It's Showtime x Macdega Riviera. Owr: Kim Kang Ja.
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