American shetland sheepdog association 2008 national specialty

Held at Island Grove Park
Greeley, CO

Judge: Mrs. Ellen Worthington

Start Time: 10:16 AM
End Time: 11:01 AM

Playland Windyrose Cowgirl

Open Sable and White Bitches (25 entered, 7 absent)

1. Playland Windyrose Cowgirl
2. Trevanne's Summer
3. Bo-Kee Loyal Kopper Penny
4. Stormchaser's Almost Famous

C = Cut
A = Absent
M/I = Measured In
1 Playland Windyrose Cowgirl Brdr: owr & Kathy Bates. By Ch. Playland Dallas Cowboy x Playland Diamond In The Ruff. Owr: Cindy Bays.
A Glamoor's P S I Love You Brdr: owr & Sherrie/Cam Sparling. By Ch. Autumngold Laureate Alabama x Glamoor's Love Unlimited. Owr: Simone Rudolph.
  Shield Crest Verona Brdr: Sheila Monks & Beverly Reed. By Ch. Macdega Sausalito x Shield Crest High Finance. Owrs: Charlene/Dalton Jones & Sheila Monks.
  Macdega Provence Brdrs: Cheryl Kelly & Thomas/Nioma Coen. By Ch. Willow Cove's Wild Card x Macdega Providence. Owrs: Marilyn Cromer & Deborah Hull.
  Fireside High Hopes Brdr: Marianne Glisson. By Ch. Fireside Full Speed Ahead x Ozark Crest Fireside Secret. Owrs: Julie Balsi & Marianne Glisson.
3 Bo-Kee Loyal Kopper Penny Brdr: Eunice Bochicchio. By Ch. Hill View's Patriot Games x Sunkyst Bo Kee Ruby Sundaze. Owrs: Jo Virden & Eunice Bochicchio.
  Sooner's Leanna Brdr: Zana Friend. By Ch. Jade Mist New Sun Rising x Ch. Sandalwood's Chatterbox. Owrs: Carol Howell & Zana Friend.
M/I 4 Stormchaser's Almost Famous Brdr: June Davis. By Ch. Peacewynde Chianti x Macdega Tendre Poison. Owrs: June Davis & Norman Leneve.
  Shelhaven Beauty Mark Brdrs: Karen & Robert Henley. By Ch. Cindahope Trade Mark x Laureate Saveana White. Owrs: Constance Nelson & Karen/Robert Henley.
  Jayleigh's Catch Me If You Can Brdr: Heather Dahl DVM By Ch. Kambria Baffin Bay x Ch. Amadeus Fashion and Attitude. Owrs: Britton/Amber Nieslanik & Heather Dahl.
A Krystalyn Pajama Party Owr: Yvonne DeFreitas. By Ch. Sunebank Caerleon Quest x Ch. Westar Krystalyn Imagination. Owrs: Carl/Yvonne & Patricia Skinner.
  TNC's Cimmaron Izzabella Brdr: Tia Sternberg. By Ch. Sandance Adrastra x TNC's Life's Lessons. Owr: Susan Worsham.
  Sunebank I-Mar Keira Brdrs: Wendy Mount & Carolyn Vack. By Ch. Shamont Back To Basics x Sunebank Caerlean On Fifth. Owrs: Marilyn Feingold & Wendy Mount.
  Tavendale Grandgables Play Toy Brdrs: S N & K Ralph. By Ch. Grandgables Boy Oh Boy x Tavendale's Tartan Playgirl. Owrs: Guy Jeavons & Mark McMillan.
A Lynlea's Jacqueline Suzanne Brdrs: Dorothy & Raymond Christiansen. By Ch. Dury Voe Zydeco x Lynnlea's Rhyme Or Reason. Owr: Doris Ann Brown.
A Akadia Just Heavenly Brdr: Shannalee Waller-Michalsky. By Ch. Hillview's Patriot Games x Akadia Hellsbells. Owrs: Tricia Harris & Shannalee Waller-Michalsky.
  Eloras Eden Brdrs: Cindy Frusetta & Tammie Gabrielson. By Ch. Primo The Scottsman x Elora's Tarabethia. Owrs: Beverly Klassen & Jack/Colleen Andrus.
  Jade Mist Coastal Island Girl Brdr: Carol Howell. By Ch. Jade Mist New Sun Rising x Jade Mist Calamity Jane. Owrs: Deanne Snedeker & Tammy Alden & Polly Brolin.
2 Trevanne's Summer Brdrs: owrs. By Trevanne's Rudy Guiliani x Trevanne's Shirax. Owrs: Jack & Colleen Andrus.
A Icon Elora Always Audrey Brds: Sharon Sampson & Penny McLausland. By Ch. Elora Legolas x Icon Penelane Mystique. Owrs: Sharon Sampson & Cindy Frusetta.
  Caperlyn Mystique Brdrs: owr & Joyce Becherini. By Carloway Aristocrat x Carloway Candlelit Caper. Owr: Tina Chase.
  Karmayne's Summer Princess Brdrs: Karen Rech & George/Tatsuko Danforth. By Ch Halstor Cindahope Trueheart x Romayne's Putt-On Airs. Owrs: Karen & Mike Rech.
A Solange Body Language Brdr:owr. By Ch Kymrix Xterra x Mindalyn Spring Fever. Owr: Linda Nicholas.
  TNC's Promised Land Brdr: owr. By Ch. Sandance Ardastra x TNC's Life's Lessons. Owr: Tia Sternberg.
  Conestoga All In The Game Brdrs:owrs. By Sea Haven In Like Flint x Conestoga All That Jazz. Owrs: John & Cherylyn Mullen.
A Norwood Nicolette Brdr. Alexandra Luhrs. By Ch. Homewood Hurricane x Norwood Chimara. Owrs: Tammy Blakely & Alexandra Luhrs.
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