American shetland sheepdog association 2008 national specialty

Held at Island Grove Park
Greeley, CO

Judge: Mrs. Ellen Worthington

Time Started: 8:02 AM
Time Ended: 8:59 AM

Glenarry Wait Until Dark

Open Black Bitches (Tri & Bi-Black) (30 entered, 6 absent, plus one)

1. Glenarry Wait Until Dark
2. Premiere's Million Dollar Baby
3. Echowyn Remember Me
4. Villager Project Runway

C = Cut
A = Absent

C Mejimo Merridon Jet Stream Brdrs: owrs. By Ch. Merridon's Hot Shot x Mejimo Merridon's Call Girl. Owrs: Donald/Merrily Duncan & Robyn Fatula Confer.
  Odyssey Sinfully Sweet Brdr:owr. By Ch. Apple Acres Odyssey Armani x Odyssey All that And More. Owr: Kim Watt.
2 Premiere's Million Dollar Baby Brdr: Shelia Ellis. By Ch. Apple Acres Expedition x Glenmorris Premieres Maccabe. Owrs: Shelia Ellis & Guy Jeavons.
  Sandance Penquin Powered Brdr: Bobbi Pate. By Ch. Royal Hill's Silver Lining x Kismet Crushed Velvet. Owr: Molly Wright.
  Okie's Shadow's In Th'Moonlight Brdrs: owrs. By Ch. Okie's Black Tie Affair x Okie's Moonlight Serenade. Owrs: Janet/Jim Belcher.
  Apple Acres Tahiti Brdr: owr. By Ch. Apple Acres Chain Lightning x Ch. Apple Acres Aruba. Owr: Locklyn Guzman.
1 Glenarry Wait Until Dark Brdr: owr & DD Wilcox. By Ch Shadland Money Talks PT x Glenarry First Light. Owr: Glenda Henson.
C St Magnus Seadream Glass Slipper Brdrs:owrs. By St Magnus Second Wind x St Magnus Seadream Szechwan. Owrs:E P Ratledge & Bill/Dawn Phillips
A Shelgrande's Phoebe Brdrs: Coinne & Rex Rainsforth. By Ridgelynn Shelgrande Nevada x Shelgrande Annie Banany. Owrs: Toni & Danielle Pomasl.
  Imperial Annabella O'Wings Brdrs: Cathy & Jim Wojcik. By Imperial's Final Assault x Mountaintops Daytime Dreamer. Owrs: Doris Brown & Cathy Wojcik.
  Blue Heavens Beyonce Brdrs: Lisa & Lloyd Graser Jr. By Ch. Blue Heavens Hi Ho Silver x Blue Heavens Rumor Has It. Owrs: Jo/ Ponder Virden & Lisa/Lloyd Graser Jr.
  Ha-Dars Charlies Angel Brdr:owr. By Ch. Beckward Chimney Sweep x Beckward Dazzling Moonbeam. Owr: Robin Swan.
3 Echowyn Remember Me Brdr: Krystn Messer. By Ch. Carloway Black Market x Ch. Echowyn Color Me Softly. Owr: Simone Rudolph.
C Grandgables Mirror Image Brdrs: Guy Jeavons & Mark McMillan. By Ch. Sea Haven Sharper Image x Ch. Fantasia Pure Platinum. Owr: Cheren Waller.
A Glenarry Midnight Serenade Brdr: Glen Henson. By Ch. Shadland For The Moment x Ch. Glenarry Night Games. Owrs: Karen Bever & Glenda Henson.
  Fantasia Kymric Keep A Secret Brdrs: Debra Tessman & Terry Jennings. By Ch. Aynsworth Silver Moonlight x Ch. Fantasia Flirtatious. Owr: Holly Hatcher.
4 Villager Project Runway Brdr: Lyn Leininger. By Ch. Homewood In The Paint x Ch. Villager Divine Design. Owr: Sondra Mauzy.
  Glenarry Wicked Brdrs: Glenda Henson & DD Wilcox. By Shadland Money Talks PT x Glenarry First Light. Owrs: Jolene Segelke & Glenda Henson.
C Aslan's Airbourne Express Brdrs: owr & Dorothea Adkins. By Ch. Trevanne's Canvas On Ice x C. Show Biz-Aslan's Animation. Owr: Yvonne Froiland.
  Oakdale Apple Acres Abilene Brdr: Cynthia Holmes. By Ch. Apple Acres Odyssey Armani x Oakdale Make A Wish. Owrs: Locklyn Guzman & Cynthia Holmes.
  Attridge Pandora Brdr: Beverly Klassen. By Skyward's Versace x Attridge Black Brocade. Owr: Karen Linkletter.
A Stasec's Sierra Mist Brdrs:owrs. By Ch. Stasec's Handsome Venture x Stasec's Ebony Mist. Owrs: Ann Sallay & Sue Thhill & Betty O'Neill.
A Mystix Chasing Liberty Brdrs:owrs. By Ch. Macdega Notorious x Mystix Magic Crystal. Owrs: Lori & Erin Wilson.
A Apple Acres Blue Heaven Jasmine Brdr:owr. By Ch. Apple Acres Chain Lightning x Ch. Serenity Apple Acres Filigree. Owr: Locklyn Guzman.
  Xanadu Rouge Tale Chaser RN Brdr:owr. By Ch. Shadland For The Moment x Sandcastle All That Jazz RN CD OA OAJ PT. Owr: Jennifer Newman.
  Matinee Apple Acres Niknak Brdr: Kim Remsberg. By Ch. Apple Acres Lucky Number x Crislins Country Keepsake. Owr: Melissa Barwick.
  Weathermans Thunder Struck Brdr: Gail Dickson. By Ch. Glenesk Scenic Shadow Play x Weathermans All That Glitters. Owrs: Linda Wilson & Gail Dickson.
C Akadia Shake UR Tailfeather Brdr:owr. By Ch. Sea Haven Chasing Moonbeams x Ch. Akadia Totally Intoxicating. Owr: Shannalee Michalsky.
  Marshland Mandarinn Express Brdrs: owrs. By Marshland Mojave x Marshland Panda Express. Owrs: Marsha & Daniel Wheatcroft.
A Norwood Halle Berry Brdr:owr. By Ch. Homewood In The Paint x Ch. Norwood Chimera. Owr: Alexandra Luhrs.
  Akadia Brite Eyes Bushy Tale Brdr: Shannalee Michalsky. By Ch. Sea Haven Chasing Moonbeams x Ch. Akadia Totally Intoxicating. Owr: Rita Hoffman.
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