American shetland sheepdog association 2008 national specialty

Held at Island Grove Park
Greeley, CO

Judge: Mrs. Ellen Worthington

Start Time: 3:25 PM
End Time: 4:05 PM

Sea Haven Paris Bi Night

Brood Bitches (8 entered, 0 absent)

1. Sea Haven Paris Bi Night
2. CH Odyssey Trimmed In Lace
3. Belmark Practically Perfect
4. CH Caledon Timeless

C = Cut
A = Absent

3 Belmark Practically Perfect Brdr: owr. By CH Whiteoak's Dealer's Choice x Belmark Paris In The Spring. Owr: Bella Thompson.
  Cherden Enchantment Brdr: owr. By CH Cherden Power Sequent x Cherden Spice It Up. Owr: Cheryl Anderson.
  CH Dogwood's Bleu Mist Brdrs: George Shipp & Sandy Sheppard. By Musical Fanfare Just Tri-N x Bellevue Crimson's Twilite. Owr: Therese Fleming.
2 CH Odyssey Trimmed In Lace Brdr: owr. By CH Apple Acres Odyssey Armani x Odyssey Purple Ribbons. Owr: Kim Watt.
4 CH Caledon Timeless Brdrs:owrs. By CH Primo Major League x Caledon Always and Forever. Owrs: Barbara & Everett Aulbach.
1 Sea Haven Paris Bi Night Brdr:owr. By CH Sea Haven Testarossa x Sea Haven Spring Fling. Owr: Yvonne Samuleson.
  Worthington Dark Lady CD RN Brdrs:owrs. By CH Caledon Letter Perfect II x Worthington's Crown Jewel. Owrs: June & Albert Harris.
  Weathermans Ice Storm Brdrs: Sharon Ryley & Gail Dickson. By CH3 Weathermans The Wizard x Weathermans As The Snow Flys. Owrs: Cherie Hyde & Gail Dickson & Marissa Hyde.
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