American shetland sheepdog association 2008 national specialty

Held at Island Grove Park
Greeley, CO

Judge: Mrs. Ellen Worthington

Time Started: 3:30 PM
Time Ended: 4:25 PM

Montage Coal Miner's Daughter

Am Bred Bitches (30 entered, 9 absent)

1. Montage Coal Miner's Daughter
2. Apple Acres Amira
3. Macdega Flourish
Candlelit Becoming Gold

C = Cut
A = Absent
M/I = Measured In
C Ryland Telling Tales Brdr:owr. By Ch. Ryladd Family Tradition x Daval Naughty Games. Owr: Mary Galloway DVM.
C Barwoods Crown Jewel Brdr: Barbara Thompson. By Ch. Willow Cove's Wild Card x Ch. Barwoods Cinnamon. Owrs: Bryan Borchardt & Barbara Thompson.
A Belmark Practically Perfect Brdr:owr. By Ch. Whiteoak's Dealer's Choice x Belmark Paris In The Spring. Owr: Bella Thompson.
A Springtime Calligraphy Brdrs:owrs. By Springtime Just For Kicks x Ch. Springtime Take Note. Owrs: Vicki King & Karen Stanfield.
A Coastal's Champagne Kisses Brdrs:owrs. By Ch Sharrow Persuasion x Trevanne's Shakira. Owrs: Tammy Alden & Polly Brolin.
A Playland Sweet Home Alabama Brdrs: Kathy Dziegiel & Cindy/Lisa Bays & Lenore Patrick. By Kylene Eden The Dragonslayer x Ch. Playland In Time Will Tell. Owrs: Jen McMakin & Kaaren Leggett & Cindy Bays.
4 Candlelit Becoming Gold Brdr:owr. By Ch. Willow Cove's Wild Card x Ch. Candlelit Carloway Escapade. Owr: Joyce Becherini.
  Adohr Kalea Peg Of My Heart Brdr: Trudy Kerr. By Ch. Tara Hill Home Base x Adohr Music In My Heart. Owrs: Kathryn Rosdail & Trudy Kerr.
  Apple Acres Irish Eyes Brdr: Locklyn Guzman. By Ch. Apple Acres Royal Rumble x Ch. Apple Acres Fairest of All. Owr: Marilyn Budahl.
A Caledon Daffodil Dreams Brdrs: Barbara & Everett Aulbach. By Ch Caledon Letter Perfect II x Ch. Caledon Truth Or Dare. Owrs: Barbara Aulbach & William Daffroy.
2 Apple Acres Amira Brdr: Locklyn Guzman. By Apple Acres Lion's Share x Apple Acres Olympic Gold. Owrs: Cathleen & Douglas Ohlendorf.
M/I 1 Montage Coal Miner's Daughter Brdr:owr. By Ch. Homewood In The Paint x Montage Hillstone Saleen. Owr: Christine Machado.
A Lochleven Sweet Image Brdrs: Debbie & Natli VanDerWerken. By Ch. Kambria First Glance x Lochlevfen Angel Fire. Owrs: Judy Rayburn & Natli/Debbie VanDerWerken.
  Angel's Olympic Gold CD PT MX MXJ Brdrs: Ernie & Caren Ciampini. By Angel's Proof Positive x Raisin's The Way Of An Angel. Owrs: Kristin Sittner & Ernie Ciampini.
A Icon Penelanes Mystique Brdrs: Mark Hersman & Sharon Sampson. By Ch. Westar's Dynasty x Ch. Laurelglen Icon Inspiration. Owrs: Penny MccAusland & Sharon Sampson.
  Darmil Above It All Brdrs: Heidi Jacobson & Carol Howell. By Ch. Jade Mist New Sun Rising x Ch. Darmil Fan Dancer. Owrs: Jennifer Milani & Carole Patten & Heidi Jacobson.
  Argos Thank Heaven Brdr: owr. By Ch. Blue Heavens Hi Ho Silver x Argos What Comes Around. Owr: Allison Van Buren.
3 Macdega Flourish Brdrs:owrs. By Ch. Trevanne's Pelletier x Macdega Fanfare. Owrs: Lori Canaday & Thomas W. Coen.
A Tracer's One For All Brdr:owr. By Ch. Shalamars In The Fast Lane x Tracer's All For One. Owr: Beverly Muhlenhaupt.
C Windbrae Time Remembered Brdrs: owrs & Barbara/Charles Vann. By Ch. Apple Acres Odyssey Atari x Ch. Char Bar's Time Will Tell. Owrs: Diane & William Orr.
  Mistybrook's Deja Vu Brdrs: Renee Guillierie & Jan Williams. By Ch Mistybrook's Paparazzi NA x Wynstones Charm at Mistybrook. Owrs: Tiffany & Lee Ramsden.
  Boreal Rhapsody Fem Fatale Brdrs: M/D/Shawn/Sarah Frost. By Ch. Westar's Graebel x Beckward Dustcatcher. Owrs: Renee Iler & Michael Frost.
C Conestoga Games of Chance Brdrs:owrs. By Sea Haven In Like Flint x Conestoga All That Jazz. Owrs: John & Cherylyn Mullen.
C Rainier Wynset Cause I'm Bossy Brdrs: Christina Hacking & Gary Whitmore. By Ch. Apple Acres Carte Blanche x Wynset Lite Brite. Owr: Christina Hacking.
A Paray Magic Moments O'Leolair Brdrs: Tray Pittman & Paul Flores & Mark Hersman. By Ch. Sundance Ardastra x Ch. Grandgables Times Up At Paray. Owr: Janice Leonard.
  Karisma's Hot Tamollie O Kismet Brdrs: owr & Guy/Thelma Mauldin. By Ch. Sandance Ardastra x Ch. Kismet's Monet. Owr: Mendy Keech.
  Wintercreek's Clear Blue Skye Brdrs: Jim/Debby Gayton. By Ch. Glenesk Darkfall x Cambridge China Blue. Owrs: Debby Gayton & Stephanie/Mark Josey.
  Gyp-Sea's Next Millennium Brdr:owr. By Ch. Apple Acres Sharp Shooter x Ch. Gyp-Sea Millennium Treasure. Owrs: Carol Corrin.
  Kin-Tin's First Lady Brdrs: owr & Beverly Llewellyn. By Ch. Afta La Paparazzi x Ch. Afta's Fancy. Owr: JoAnne Lund.
  Cinder Glo Written In The Stars Brdr: Luella Thomasen. By Ch. Nandels Once In a Blue Moon x Cinder Glo Always In Style. Owrs: Michael, Nancy & Amy West.
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