American shetland sheepdog association 2008 national specialty

Held at Island Grove Park
Greeley, CO

Judge: Ms. Jane Howard

Start Time: 9:34
End Time: 9:58

Leeason's Ready To Rock

Puppy 9-12 Month Sable and White Dogs (13 entered, 4 absent)

1. Leeason's Ready To Rock
2. Shelhaven Game On
3. Tracer's All Told
4. Vinita The Chicagoan

C = Cut
A = Absent

A Playland's Diamond Chip Brdrs: Cindy Bays & Kathy Bates. By Ch. Playland Dallas Cowboy x Playland Diamond In the Ruff. Owrs: Karen Leggett & Cindy Bays.
3 Tracer's All Told Brdr:owr. By Ch. Accent's Face To Face x Tracer's One For All. Owr: Beverly Muhlenhaupt.
A Macdega Motion Picture Brdrs: Nancy Bullat & Thomas W. Coen. By Ch. Grandgables Boy Oh Boy x Macdega Matinee. Owrs; Thomas W & Nioma S Coen.
  Seasound Just My Way Brdrs: owrs. By Ch. Daval Going My Way x Seasound's Uptown Leeason. Owrs: Dee Kraft & Emily Anderson.
  Boreal's Prince of Thieves Brdrs:Owrs. By Ch. Boreal On The Road Again x Boreal Cafe Mocha. Owrs: Michael & Deborah & Shawn & Sarah Frost.
4 Vinita The Chicagoan Brdr: Rita Devito. By Ch. Vinita The Virginian x C Mar N Dotted Swiss. Owrs: Rachel & Rita Devito.
A Bluehneman's High Roller Brdr:owr. By Bueheman's Built On A Dream x Bluehneman's Roll Of The Dice. Owr: Luann Buehneman.
2 Shelhaven Game On Brdrs: Karen & Robert Henley. By Shelhaven Alaris x Shelhaven Lullaby. Owrs: Alton Fleming & Karen/Robert Henley.
  Leeason Take It To The Limit Brdrs:owrs. By Ch. Sunebank Caerleon Quest x Leeason's Soft Rock Cafe. Owrs: Emily Anderson & Dee Kraft.
  Sudon Ha-Dar Stop The Presses Brdr: Susan Phillips. By Ch. Ha-Dar Newsworthy x Sudon Serenade. Owrs: Susan Philips & Robin Swan.
1 Leeason's Ready To Rock Brdrs: Emily Anderson & Dee Kraft. By Ch. Sunebank Caerleon Quest x Leeason's Soft Rock Cafe. Owrs: Stepanie Labo & Emily Anderson & Dee Kraft.
  Rhapsody Boreal Time Lord Brdrs: owrs. By Ch. Boreal On The Road Again x Boreal Rhapsody Fem Fatale. Owrs: Renee Iler & Michael Frost.
A Jade Mist Celtic Star Time To Shine Brdr: Herbert O'Brien. By Grandgabales Ravenscourt Joker x Shamrock Hills Wild Irish Rosey. Owr: Carol Howell.
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