American shetland sheepdog association 2008 national specialty

Held at Island Grove Park
Greeley, CO

Judge: Mrs. Ellen Worthington

Start Time: 2: 47
End Time: 3:40

Westar's Wonderland

Puppy 9-12 Month Sable and White Bitches (30 entered, 10 absent)

1. Westar's Wonderland
2. Carmylie The Rain Sings
3. Armitage Lochend Beyond Compare
4. Paramount Sweet Charity

C = Cut
A = Absent

  Tru Lee Charmed and Dangerous Brdr:owr. By Ch. Grandgables Boy Oh Boy x Tru Lee Mystically Charmed. Owr: Cathie Thomas.
A Playland Sweet Dreams Brdrs: Kathy Bates & Cindy Bays. By Ch. Playland Dallas Cowboy x Playland Diamond in the Ruff. Owrs: Cindy & Lisa Bays.
  Kensils Unbridled Mischief Brdrs: Sylvia & David Calderwood. By Ch. Coastal Wintercreek Storm Warning x Ch. Kensil's Mail Order Bride. Owrs: Keri Warner & Sylvia Calderwood.
  Boreal Rhapsody Lady Chanel Brdrs:owrs. By Ch. Boreal On The Road Again x Boreal's Rhapsody Fem Fatale. Owrs: Michael Frost & Renee Iler.
3 Armitage Lochend Beyond Compare Brdr: Ellen Ball. By Barwoods The Gambler x Ch. Barwoods Sashay. Owrs: Beckie Bolton & Ellen Ball.
  Fireside Oh So Naughty Brdr; Marianne Glisson. By Ch. Brangay PS This is Austin x Ch. Karosel Confetti. Owrs: Marianne Glisson & Gayle Eads & Cendy McVoy.
  Presidio Opening Act Brdrs: Connie Giacinto & Sue Hardy. By Stoneridge Birchwynd Cashius x Willow Cove's Sunny Dee. Owr: Connie Giacinto.
  Bo-Kee Red Kastle In The Sun Brdr: owr. By Bo-Kee Kastles'NKoasters x Bo Kee Sun Princess. Owr: Eunice Bochicchio.
  Brangay Sweet Summer Time Brdrs: Cendy McVoy & Brandol/Gayle Eads. By Ch. Brangay PS This Is Austin x Brangay Music Of The Night. Owrs: Brandol/Gayle Eads & John/Cendy McVoy.
  Leeason The Road Less Traveled Brdrs: owrs. By Ch. Sunebank Caerleon Quewst x Leeason's Soft Rock Cafe. Owrs: Emily Anderson & Dee Kraft.
  Somerhaven's Lucky Charm Brdrs: owr & Bonnie Smith. By Westar's Faber x Tara Hill Balebrae Rafaela. Owr: D'Anne Sherbrooke.
1 Westar's Wonderland Brdr: owr. By Westar's Faron x Westar's Donnatella. Owr: Mark Hersman.
4 Paramount Sweet Charity Brdrs: Doug Parry & Nancy Bullat. By Ch. Sandance Ardastra x Accent's Sneak Preview. Owrs: Doug & Pam Parry.
A Dreamline Starphire Mahalo Brdrs: owrs & Carole Hendrickson. By Ch. Aletian Wistwin Comic Relief x Aurum Memorabilia. Owrs:: Raymond Baker & Nancy Ager.
  Ha-Dar Center Stage Brdr: owr. By Ha-Dar Going Ballistic x Ha-Dar Beckward Read Made. Owr; Robin Swan.
  Worthington's Amber Skies Brdrs:owrs. By Ch. Worthington's Dark Skies CD x Worthingston's Crown Jewel. Owrs: Albert & June Harris.
  Paray Posh Spice Brdrs: owrs & Valerie Daniels. By Ch. Grandgables It's Show Time x Dan Dee Country Style. Owrs: Paul Flores & Tray Pittman.
  Dan Dee Contessa Brdr: Valerie Daniels. By Ch. Dan Dee One From The Heart x Dan Dee Country Sweet Heart. Owrs: Susan Beacham & Valerie Daniels.
  TNC's My Wildest Dreams Brdr: Tia Sternberg. By Canami Unwritten Law x TnC's Playin' Games. Owrs: Cody & Casey Campbell.
2 Carmylie The Rain Sings Brd: Jean Simmonds. By Dury Voe Scottsdale x Carmylie Brandina Wild Child. Owrs: Jean Simmonds & Nancy Everett.
  Boreal's Lily of The Valley Brdrs:owrs. By Ch. Boreal On The Road Again x Boreal Cafe Mocha. Owrs: Michael, Deborah, Shawn & Sarah Frost.
  Woodland Brandina Kit Kat Brdr: Colleen Golding. By Ch. Brandina Carmylie Double Digit x Woodland Farms Cotten Candy. Owrs: Nancy Everett & Colleen Golding.
A Paramount Sudden Impulse Brdrs: Doug Parry & Nancy Bullat. By Ch. Sundance Ardastra x Accent's Sneak Preview. Owrs: Susan Beacham & Doug/Pam Parry.
A Ha-Dar Sudon Encore Brdr: Robin Swan. By Ha-Dar Going Balistic x HA-Dar Beckward Ready Made. Owr: Susan Phillips.
A Homewood Sephora Bdrs:owrs. By Ch. Macdega Ben Lomand x Homewood From The Heart. Owrs: Carl & Patricia Skinner.
A Ha-Dar Command Performance Brdr:owr. By Ha-Dar Going Ballistic x Ha-Dar Beckward Ready Made. Owr: Robin Swan.
A Arenray Wintercreek Rumor Has It Brdrs: Karen Coombs & Mark Hersmann. By Ch. Grandgables Let's Show Off x Sharokee Sarasoda. Owrs: Debby Gayton & Karen Coombs.
A Montage Ruffian Brdrs: C Machado & C/P Skinner. by Ch. MacDega Ben Lomond x Homewood From The Heart. Owr: Pam Fyffe.
A Macdega Pirouette Brdrs:owrs. By Ch. Trevanne's Pelletier x Ch. Macdega Apropos. Owrs: Thomas w & Nioma S Coen.
A Chosen Samurai's Delight Brdr: Barbara Wright. By Ch. Stonerhaven Samurai x Ch. Lockehill Chosen Delight. Owrs: Barbara Wright & Guy/Thelma Mauldin.
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