American shetland sheepdog association 2008 national specialty

Held at Island Grove Park
Greeley, CO

Judge: Ms. Jane Howard

Start Time: 10:10 AM
End Time: 11:02

Carloway Bootleg Market

Puppy 9-12 Month AOAC Dogs (25 entered,6 absent 1 moved to 12-18)

1. Carloway Bootleg Market
2. Grandgables Carnans In Cahoots
3. Conestoga Knight Errant
4. Odyssey To The Nines

C = Cut
A = Absent

  Armitage Kellcrest Polaroid Brdr: Ellen Ball. By Shadow Hill's Polaris x Springmist Aim For The Heart. Owrs: Iren Kutz & Ellen Ball.
A Cynchar Shelgrande Spearmint By Dury Voe Wintergreen x Cynchar's Blackeyed Pea. Owrs: Connie & Rex Rainsforth.
C Mosaic Double Take Brdr: Tealeah Christea. By Ch. Mosaic's Midnight Ryder x Ch. Marpointe's Best Intention. Owr: Natalie Thomas.
C Suncrest Muscovado Brdr: Greg Speeks. By Ch. Pop Star SS Of Northern Farm x Ch. Suncrest Glitterati. Owrs: Greg Speeks & Doug Mock.
  Tracer's Frosted Edition Brdrs: Jack & Susan Beasant. By Tracer's Single Edition CD RN x Frosted Froda Mist. Owrs: Rod & Jennifer & Bev Muhlenhaupt.
  Winmar Remnant Brdr:owr. By Ch. Roads End Renegade x Ch. Cynmar Wild Flower. Owr: Judy Cooper.
C Rockwood Mejimo Logger Brdrs: Barbara Kenealy & Robert/Victoria Piccirillo. By Ch. Mejimo Merridon Lumberjack x Prinhill KC Jazz. Owrs: Robyn Fatula Confer & Merrily Duncan.
  OKie's Top Hats'N Tails Brdrs: owrs. By Ch. Okie's Black Tie Affair x Ch. Okie's Valley Girl. Owrs: Janet/Jim Belcher & Lori Quast.
C Argos Kell Armada Brdrs: A. Massey & A Gilbert. By Ch. Blue Heavens Hi Ho Silver x Argos What Comes Around. Owr: Allison Gilbert.
A Mikasa's Diamond Cowboy Brdr: Roslyn Marchildon. By Ch. Sea Haven's Chasing Moonbeams x Ch. Mikasa's Diamond In The Rough. Owr: Rosyln Marchildon.
A Sumersong Up and At 'Um Brdrs: By Ch. Somersong Secret Weapon x Somersong Blue Jasmine. Owrs: Peggy & Jan Haderlie.
2 Grandgables Carnans In Cahoots Brdr: Paula Welke. By Ch. Apple Acres Expedition x Carnan's Undercover Encounter. Owrs: Guy Jeavons & Mark McMillan.
1 Carloway Bootleg Market Brdr:Merrylee Malanowski & Brian Cleveland. By Ch. Carloway Black Market x Voyagers Heaven Knows. Owrs: Sue & Pete Christie.
  Mtn Mysts Sin City Dae Dream Brdrs: Dixie Eigenrach & Toni Pomasl. By Ridgelynn Shelgrande Nevada x Beckward Dazzled N Moonstruck. Owrs: Misty/David Nadeau & Toni Pomasl.
A Kirby's Weekend Warrior Brdrs: Diana Morgan & Lynda Bernier. By Ch. Druy Voe Wintergreen x Cathance Cascata. Owrs: Jane Guy, Kathleen Glorioso, Diana Morgan.
  Belmark Second To None Brdr: owr. By Ch. Belmark Lo And Behold x Ch. Belmark All Shook Up. Owr: Bella Thompson.
A Thunderhill's McSteamy Brdrs: Pam/Doug Parry & Michelle/Marty Miller. By Ch. Paray's Make A Splash x Ch. Thunderhill's Candy Shop. Owrs: Michelle & Marty Miller.
4 Odyssey To The Nines Brdr:owr. By Ch Okie's Black Tie Affair x Ch. Odyssey Trimmed In Lace. Owr: Kim Watt.
A Clearsky The Prestige Brdrs: Vicki Bentley & Owr. By Ch. Echowyn Night On The Town x Kambria Kouture. Owr: Terry Jennings.
C Odyssey Best Dressed Man Brdr:owr. By Ch. Okie's Black Tie Affair x Ch. Odyssey Trimmed in Lace. Owr: Kim Watt.
C Odyssey Okie's Honky Tonker Brdr: Kim Watt. By Ch. Okie's Black Tie Affair x Ch. Odyssey Trimmed in Lace. Owrs: Janet/Jim Belcher & Kim Watt.
  Zandria Clohessys Double O Seven Brdrs: Alexzandra Erb & Locklyn Guzman. By Ch. Apple Acres Chain Lightning x Apple Acres Aruba. Owrs: Jennifer Clohessy.
  Foxglove Carpe Diem Brdrs: Carolyn Ing & Kim Schive. By Ch. Foxglove Ashburton Casablanca x Foxglove Roscommon Fiona. Owrs: Tessa Winalski & Carolyn Ing & Kim Schive.
  Prinhill Cindahope Incognito Brdrs: Larry & Patricia Brunner. By Ch. Sherlynn's Melan Asia Prinhill White Oleander. Owr: Elizabeth Hildreth.
3 Conestoga Knight Errant Brdrs: Owrs. By Ch. Karosel-Sea Haven Moonraker x Conestoga Goodtime Girl. Owrs: John & Cherylyn Mullen.
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