American shetland sheepdog association 2008 national specialty

Held at Island Grove Park
Greeley, CO

Judge: Ms. Jane Howard

Start Time: 12:02 PM
End Time: 12:25

Mystic's The Show Must Go On

12-18 Month AOAC Dogs (11 entered, 2 absent)

1. Mystic's The Show Must Go On
2. Jesstar Acropolis
3. Serenity's Purple Heart
4. Zesta Showin' It Up

C = Cut
A = Absent

3 Serenity's Purple Heart Brdrs: owrs. By Ch. Montage Booty Call x Ch. Serenity Bi Grace. Owrs: Wandy & Tim Fletcher.
4 Zesta Showin' It Up Brdr: owr. By Ch. Grandgables Let's Show Off x Zesta Snoops. Owr: Laura Thompson.
A Elbee Smoke And Mirrors Brdr: Judy Decker. By Ch. Elbee Fantasia Munkee Bizniz NAJ x Skyecrest Elbee Chances Are. Owrs: Judy Decker & Amanda Bateman.
  Show Biz Rolling Stone Brdr: owr. By Ch. Showbiz Rock N Roll x Show Biz Ice Reflections. Owr: Dottie Adkins.
  Imperial's Royal Jester Brdrs:owrs. By Dury Voe Voodoo Magic RN x Imperial's Milady Isabella. Owrs: Cathy & Jim Wojcik.
  Okie's Tie One On Brdrs:owrs. By Ch. Okie's Black Tie Affair x Odyssey Obsession. Owrs: Janet & Jim Belcher.
A Silvermorning's Ecco Vincenzo Brdr:owr. By Ch. Icon Drops of Jupiter x Silvermorning's Dream Fantasy. Owr: Monica Palmero.
1 Mystic's The Show Must Go On Brdrs: Tracy Tuff & Lorna Stolz. By Ch. Grandgables Let's Show Off x Talamar Mandolin Wind. Owr: Tracy Tuff.
  Marshland Louder Please Marshland Louder Please. Brdrs:owrs. By Ch. Marshland Proud To Be Loud x Marshland In The Trilight. Owrs: Marsha & Daniel Wheatcroft.
2 Jesstar Acropolis Brdr: owr. By Ch. Paray Just Ray x Ch. Can't Fight The Moonlight. Owr: Jessica Starbuck.
  Spice O'Life Dimar Drumline HT Brdr: Gretchen Fry. By Ch. Fortunate Son x Spice O'Life The Beat Goes On. Owr: Dianne Krantz.
  Lacewood Rocky Mountain Music Brdrs: Barbara Soderborg & Tricia Harris. By Apple Acres Chain of Command x Lacewood Rainy Day Feeling. Owrs: Tomi Hamblin & Tricia Harris.
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